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Seniors of CPS: Sophia L.

Updated: Mar 19

Interview conducted by Sophia L.

11:43 a.m: Hurriedly meeting at the end of a cold lunch period, Sophia and I head over to the admissions office. Clouds blocking the sunlight and morning dew still stuck on the vines and grass, I click record. Welcome Sophia. The interview has begun.

Sofia: Okay, first question is; What's something you're passionate about? 

Sophia: Okay, wait, I was actually thinking about this a lot because I was reading the other Humans of CPS interviews, and I realized like, I have a lot of hobbies right now, like I like biking, and like art, and like rock climbing. But right now, what I've really been into is getting back into reading. Yeah, like outside of school I just read The Secret History, which was really good. And I started Anna Karenina, yeah, that's what I've been into. 

Sofia: Is it good? 

Sophia: So far, yes, I think Count Vronsky like, just met Anna Karenina. I'm only like 20 pages and, um, it’s good. 

Sofia: What's one of your favorite songs? 

Sophia: Okay, my favorite song of all time is Bags by Clairo. I think I just like the energy. I think it fits a lot of occasions, but I've been listening to a lot of albums like Pure Heroine by Lorde because it feels very fitting for this coming of age moment and being a senior and graduating. 

Sofia: What's one item on your bucket list?

Sophia: Okay, I was just talking to my friends, and we were talking about Ireland, which lowkey I've been thinking about this a lot too, which is I kind of want to do a girls trip to Ireland, because I've been consuming so much media that has Ireland in it. Like, I just watched Normal People, though I didn't finish it. And um, I also love Derry Girls, if you know that. It's like a show about girls and derry. (laughs) And then I also- my family was watching another show that was called like All Creatures Great and Small, which was like about a veterinarian in Ireland. And it was like really showing the Irish countryside. And so I don't know, I feel like I just want to go there and like I don't know, yeah. 

Sofia: Sounds like fun. How have you changed during your time at College Prep? 

Sophia: Um, honestly, I don't think I've changed a lot, like it's kind of hard to tell like if I've changed or if it was just like getting out of the pandemic and those changes, but I feel like I think I'm like, more content with myself, and my relationships, and my relationship to like school. Yeah, life-balance. 

Sofia: Yeah, for sure. And last one, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories? 

Sophia: Okay. Um, I think I have like a few in mind. One of them was from intraterm last year. I went to Portland, like, on the train. And we were in an Airbnb, and like one night, I think me and some friends, we just stayed up late talking for a while, and that was really nice. And then the other day, Lanna brought up that like all the weeks before finals we’ve come together and gone to like a library and studied and then like, gone to a cafe and then studied more, and that was really nice. So yeah. 

Sofia: Okay, thank you!


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