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Seniors of CPS: Talia G.

Interview conducted by Grace T.

11:54am: I find Talia during lunch, and we find a bench to sit on. Before we start, she offers me a piece of chocolate. I accept, and then click record. 

Grace: Okay. So, starting off easy: What's something that you're passionate about?

Talia: I'm passionate about the environment, for one. I've always loved being outside and going camping with friends when I was little. And then I love running, and I can do that outside. And so I feel like that all fed into my love for the earth and the world. So I want to do good for the world. 

Grace: Do you have a favorite outside place?

Talia: I think Joaquin Miller Park Nice. It's, like, right near home, right out the back door. It's very pretty. The trails are interesting. There are some good hills.

Grace: What's one of your favorite songs?

Talia: Okay, one of my favorite songs…”Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt.

Grace: Oh, No Doubt! I love that you love No Doubt! Nice! What’s one item on your bucket list?

Talia: Ooh! Going to the beach, probably Ocean Beach, with my friends (including Grace).

Grace: Aww, thank you! That does sound really fun. I love Ocean Beach. What would you do at the beach? 

Talia: Hmm. We would dance around. Yeah. Like, blast music. Either have a bonfire or pretend to have a bonfire. And we'll just bring marshmallows and stuff. And we'll have soda and then just like run out to the ocean and get kind of wet and then, like, run back onto the shore and dance.

Grace: I love this vision of yours. I love it a lot. How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Talia: Well, I've been told by several people that my style has improved a lot. I had some funky outfits freshman year.

Grace: Such as?

Talia: I had this giant knitted scarf that was purple. 

Grace: I love that!

Talia: It was cool. But I wore it with these knockoff Converse and these weird sweatpants that were, like, kind of too small, but also too big for me. And they were ribbed, and I really don't like them. And it was just…there were some interesting things. It's been confirmed by many people. 

Yeah, but I think I've changed as a person. I feel like I'm just more outgoing than I was freshman year, and, like, open to different perspectives, and excited to learn. I feel like CPS taught me to love learning.

Grace: Aw, that's awesome! Finally, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories? 

Talia: There's two moments that I'm thinking of. I have to say going to state. I was a sophomore. I was just, like, a little bitty kid, and it was our first year actually on campus with people, and I got to spend so much time with the cross country team. And we all worked really hard, and we didn't even expect it, really. But it was just [that] the team all came together at NCS and then we made it to states and it was just such a fun trip. And we were in this kind of creepy old hotel and we just stayed up kind of too late the day before the race and just hung out and watched…we watched The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Grace: I haven't heard of that. What is that?

Talia: It's a movie. It was really random. We were watching it, but we were also kind of zoned out. Yeah, and I don't really remember what happened. But there's a woman who's a spy. 

Grace: Legendary. 

Talia: Yeah. And then…that was cool. And the other memory I'm thinking of is going up at the student talent show. I went up and I did a little hypnosis act. And that just made me so happy because it was so fun to do. I copied this guy who was supposedly a hypnotist, and I saw him do his act on stage, and then I decided that I could copy him.

Grace: [whispering] Did you really hypnotize those people, Talia? Give us the inside scoop.

Talia: I think I didn't expect to, but they all did what I told them to do. 

Grace: Oh, like, they weren't plants?

Talia: No, there were no plants in the audience. There actually weren't, which was weird. I didn't decide who was going to come up. The trick is, when you make them go to sleep, you have to, like, push their heads down and you make them…like, you say, “One, two, three, sleep.” And then people are, like, scared on stage, so they just kind of follow along.

Grace: Yeah, it’s just, like, herd mentality, isn’t it? It’s just peer pressure!

Talia: I think so. But like, I can never know. They might have been hypnotized. 

Grace: Maybe you have a future career and hypnotherapy. You never know.

Talia: I'll give it a look.


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