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Spirit Week 2014: StuCo Updates the Age-old Tradition

Spirit Week at College Prep is one of the most-anticipated events of the fall semester; for three fun-filled days, College Prep students put down their pencils, close their laptops and scream their heads off rooting for their class.

This year’s fall Spirit Week was noticeably different from that of previous years. This fall, StuCo combined old traditions with new activities to create the best Spirit Week yet. With many students participating in the dress-ups across all grades, College Prep showed that it knows how to play hard, not just work hard. We might not be a big public school, but we still have spirit!

Photography by Polly Lockman

Photography by Jonathan Zucker

Wednesday got off to a great start, with students rocking costumes from four iconic decades (freshmen were grunge, sophomores were jazzercise, juniors were disco, and seniors were hippies). The entire student body assembled in the gym at break to cheer for their respective classes in some exciting games of Zorb Soccer. The sophomores beat the juniors, while the seniors beat the freshmen. In the third heated match, the sophomores won against the seniors. The best was saved for last: the seniors beat the faculty in a spirited match, reclaiming their street cred following their unfortunate defeat against the sophomores.

<ol><li><a href=''>Zorb Soccer!</a></li></ol>

Freshman Will P. does the limbo. Photography by Jonathan Zucker

Freshman Will P. does the limbo. Photography by Jonathan Zucker

As always, Spirit Week included lunchtime dodgeball competitions. However, for the first time ever, StuCo ran a Family Feud-style game show during break. Student representatives from each class competed against a formidable faculty team. Earlier, students had been surveyed on a variety of questions, including “What would Doc be if he weren’t a teacher?” and “What does College Prep have a lot of?” The survey results were revealed in the Family Feud game show, as students and faculty competed to guess the most popular results. After several heated rounds, the student family emerged victorious over the faculty family.

The rally ended the week on an especially spirited note. Tug-of-war grew competitive, with students sprinting down from the bleachers at the last moment to help pull their respective classes to victory. The seniors won the relay race and the limbo competition, while the freshmen won the best banner. In the scream-off, the seniors managed to cheer the loudest, despite being the smallest class.

All in all, Spirit Week 2014 Part I was a definite success. We look forward to next semester, when StuCo has promised Spirit Week Part II!

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