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2023 Spring Season Informationals: Co-Ed Golf

Updated: Mar 19, 2023



Coach: Tom Webster

Jerome Chung ‘23

Aidan Dial ‘23 (6’ 0”, Orinda Intermediate, Max Homa)

Noah Oh ‘23

William Pirone ‘23

Pierson Scheinberg ‘23 (5’ 7”, Seven Hills, Tyrell Hatton)

Jasper Vyda ‘23 (6’ 1”, St. Paul’s, Jon Rahm)

Katelyn Ma ‘24

Christopher Chang ‘26 (5’ 8”, Diablo Vista, Dustin Johnson)

William Chang ‘26 (5’ 9”, Diablo Vista, Rory MciLroy)

Jonathan Woo ‘26 (5’ 8”, The Academy, Phil Mickelson)

Exited Senior (Class of 2022):

Tylor Lee


  • Season Scores Recap:

Bentley W (essentially), St. Joseph’s W, Head Royce L

2-1 overall record

  • Rivalry Games:

Head Royce - away (3/23), Athenian - away (4/11), Athenian - home (4/13)

  • The remaining home schedule:

St. Joseph’s (3/16), Bentley (4/20)

Home Location: Tilden Golf Course


Next level hand eye coordination…definitive muscle memory…driving power…putting finesse. Golf is a game of utter skill, a sportsman’s paradise in which one looks to find utter perfection in their swing. Many people overlook golf for not being a sport with requirements of big athletic discipline, failing to see that that is what actually makes the sport so beautiful. Anybody, truly, can be good at golf. It is a game which is purely about masterful development of your skills and constant, and unrelenting devotion to the craft.

Senior captains Aidan and Pierson have been drawn to golf from an early age, and have played for more than just their time at College Prep.

“We’ve both played golf our whole lives,” Aidan explains to me.

For these two, best friends in their final high school golf season, it is their love for the game which has driven them to excellence.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the format of golf (which I assume is most of you), and high school golf in particular, let me break it down for you. As senior captain Aidan Dial helped explain to me, each team brings 6 players to a match who play 9 holes of golf. A hole is essentially what it sounds like: it’s one round of moving your golf ball from the starting point into the hole. There is a baseline amount of club swings assigned to each hole. Scoring in golf is based on how many strokes under or over the baseline (called par) it takes a player to complete the hole. At the end of the 9 holes, a player’s total score for the round is the total number of strokes under or over par they were in the match. Each team uses their 4 best scores in the final scoring tally, and the team with the lowest amount of strokes wins.

Analyzing the roster, it is clear that the freshman Will, Chris, and Jonathan will play a massive role in determining the fate of the team this season. The golf team consists of just four players who are not seniors, and three of them are freshmen, which is a relatively large amount. With Tylor Lee, the best player on last year’s team, graduating last season, freshman excellence was needed to fill out the lineup. The Chang Brothers immediately were ready for the job.

“Will is already the best player on this team,” Pierson says with confidence, adding later that Chris will also be a top 4 performer for the team in most matches.

“To have these three guys who I know are gonna be perennial starters on this team for the next four years is just a huge relief for the both of us.”

For this senior group, probably one of the best and deepest senior golf classes ever at College Prep, the goal is plain and simple: bid into NCS as a team.

“We’ve done everything we’ve wanted to as individuals,” said Pierson, who was named to the BCL all-league second team last year.

However, the seniors now feel like they’re ready to do something big on a team level and go out with glory.

Although College Prep plays in a competitive league, with the likes of Head Royce and Bentley as looming challengers, Aidan and co. have no fear for the challenges that come ahead.

“The rest of the league is good, but we’re better, so we’re not scared.”


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