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Swim Team Workouts: No Pain, No Gain

Even though the swim season isn’t for another three months, your CPS Men’s and Women’s Swim Team has been hard at work this off-season. We’ve been conditioning twice a week to build strength and technique for when we get back in the pool in February.

As a captain, one of my goals this year is to create more bonding opportunities. I will not sugar-coat anything: the workouts can be brutal, but there’s nothing like suffering as a team.

Want a taste of some of the exercises and circuits we’ve been doing? Here’s a look into our conditioning sets and a couple of really good exercises for swimmers. Having a strong core is essential for efficient strokes and good underwaters. Power in all parts of the body is crucial: upper-body strength helps maximize the catch and lower-body strength makes for explosive walls.

2.) One arm Med Ball pushups:

3.) Dumbbell pushup to row:

4.) I don’t know what the name of the exercise is but I call these “Water Spouts with a Med Ball”:

5.) Overhead Squats with a Med Ball:

Arm Set (3 times through):

20 x Push-Presses with a barbell

20 x Push-up to rows with a dumbbell

40 x Tricep dips

20 x Bench-presses with a barbell

Legs (3 times through):

20 x Goblet Squats

20 x Lunge split jumps

20 x “Water Spouts” with a Med Ball

20 x Burpees with a push-up and streamline jump


30 sec. V-Ups

30 sec. Rowers/Scullers/Double-crunches

30 sec. Bicycles

30 sec. Russian Twists

30 sec. Regular crunches

30 sec. Leg Lifts

30 sec. Mountain Climbers

30 sec. Side crunches

30 sec. Plank

30 sec. Left-side plank

30 sec. Right-side Plank

30 sec. Regular sit-ups


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