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Swimming Friday Funday

Most people might think that endlessly swimming laps back and forth is boring – and they’re probably right. But not all swim practices were created equal. Last Friday, the captains got to organize “Friday Funday” for the last 30 minutes of swim practice.

First, we had the Wet T-shirt Relays. I got out of the pool and put on a sopping wet XL t-shirt. Shivering in the cold, I stepped up onto the block and dove in as our coach yelled “GO!” The shirt billowed out behind me, slowing me down. I could hear the muffled voices of my team cheering for me above the water. After I climbed out of the pool, I struggled to take off the shirt, which stuck to me like butter. We devised a method where two people held hands and bent over, while someone else rolled the shirt off their bodies. Then, one of my other teammates had to put it on, and so on, until everyone on our relay team had swam a lap in the shirt.

Next, we had the Chain Relays. Each lane had someone dive in, and every time they swam a lap, someone would grab onto their ankles, and then after another lap, someone else would grab onto the ankles of the second person. Since I was the first in my lane, I had to swim six laps, while dragging five people behind me on the last lap.

Then, we played Sharks and Minnows. We chose 2-3 sharks to start in the middle of the pool, and everyone else (the “minnows”) had to make it across the pool without a shark tapping their head above the water – otherwise, they became a shark. Since we were swimming in the deep end of the pool, I just dove down 15 feet deep and swam underneath the hapless freshmen floundering above me. (Just kidding, the freshmen are very good.)

Finally, we finished practice with a cannonball contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much cannonball experience, preferring to dive, but it was fun nonetheless. The coaches judged groups of four cannon-ballers at a time, and we plan to finish the contest next Friday Funday.

Join swimming and you’ll get to participate in these games while getting swoll like Soham!


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