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Varsity Girl’s Volleyball BCL Championships

Photography by Molly P. '15

Photography by Molly P. ’15

This season, your College Prep varsity volleyball team has made CPS proud with their strong record of 18-7. In fact, they have only lost two times this year in league (both to the Head Royce Jayhawks). The squad is led by captains Lucy Moradian (‘15), Daiana Takashima (‘16), and Claudia Chung (‘16) whom have all made huge impacts this season. The team’s strong record and skill took them all the way to the BCL East Championships this Saturday, where they once again played Head Royce.

As we all know, the College Prep and Head Royce rivalry has always been strong. Whether the sport is volleyball, tennis, soccer, or basketball, the heat of competition always rises when the Cougars and the Jayhawks clash. With this competitive spirit of the athletes on both sides, along with the multitude of fans in the crowd cheering for their favorite team, the game, no matter what the sport is, is bound to be one that keeps all in the crowd on the edge of their seats (or bleachers).

And, as expected, this game was a nail-biter. Head Royce started out with a bang with a 25-20 victory in game 1 over College Prep. They attacked once again in game two, winning 25-17. However, the Cougars fought back in game 3, with a 25-21 victory. Unfortunately, in game 4, Head Royce claimed the 3-1 victory with a 25-16 point win over College Prep.

Photography by Molly P. '15

Photography by Molly P. ’15

Although we may not have won, there is still much to be proud of. The whole team played extremely well; the game was packed with amazing digs, aces, and kills. Due to Junior Claudia Chung’s injury, sophomore Lucy Vaughn stepped up, proving to be a strong teammate and a spirited competitor. Similarly, senior Lucy Moradian had an incredible game with over twenty kills. Both seniors Lucy Moradian and Haley Bitzer won spots on the all-tournament team.

But don’t worry, Cougars. Your Volleyball squad will hopefully have another chance to take down those Jayhawks in this year’s North Coast Section. There has been so much to be proud of this season, and yet still so much more volleyball to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Let’s go Cougars!

By Tara S. and Paul C.

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