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What is your Community Action Team Up To?

CAT paired up with the girl’s varsity soccer team to host a clinic for the Soccer Without Borders organization. About ten immigrant middle-schoolers (from the SWB team) came to Tom Bates Soccer Field, where they spent a couple of hours playing soccer and building friendships in a supportive and positive environment. Photography by Amanda Giles

Over the past few years, the Community Action Team has had an important role in the CPS community. Though not always the most visible group on campus, CAT works very hard behind-the-scenes to create amazing community-outreach opportunities for College Prep students. This past semester, for example, the CAT representatives organized activities related to food justice, environmental awareness, and cancer patient support, including:

  1. the annual Frog Park clean-up for freshmen and senior mentors

  2. a pink shirt tie-dye station for Breast Cancer Awareness day

  3. The “Light the Night”dance ticket fundraiser

  4. The Light the Night walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (for which we raised a grand total of $3,111!)

  5. A Community, Pride, and Sprit Day workshop focused on food justice at Phat Beets, a local community garden

  6. The Alameda County Food Bank canned food drive

  7. Candy grams with proceeds going to Children’s Hospital

As this semester rounds out, you can expect events that entire grades or large groups can participate in together as well as opportunities to connect with involved students from other Bay Area schools. We have already sent out a survey to the student body and are beginning to plan according to your feedback. We will continue our monthly-theme format that we implemented last year, but will now have an overall focus of “issues in Oakland”for the remainder of the spring 2015 semester.

In order to make our plans and activities more available for you, expect to see regular updates from the CAT team. This section of the Radar is designated for “CAT Corner”and will be updated regularly once or twice a month. Additionally, check the whiteboard outside of Amanda Luckey’s office and read our Campus News emails to stay informed about our upcoming plans!

This semester, the Community Action Team has welcomed a few new faces. Check the lists below to see who the reps are for each grade! If you have any further questions or concerns, your grade reps are always available.

2018: Suzanna Creasey and Micalyn Struble

2017: Sam Chinn and Isabel Chard

2016: Allie Naganuma and Jane Buckley

2015: Haley Bitzer and Justin Fong

Get excited for good things to come!

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