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2019-2020 Letter From The Editors

Hi Everyone,

 This is Danna, Kira, Andrew, and Cari. We are so excited to welcome you back to College Prep and share our plans for Radar during the 2019-2020 school year as your Radar editors!

For us, the school newspaper is a way to stay connected with CPS in addition to being a platform for sharing ideas and passions with the whole community. We believe student journalism is an incredible tool, and we encourage students from any grade level to participate.

This year, we are focusing on bringing Radar to the forefront of life at CPS by incorporating the CPS community’s passions, ideas and feedback into our work. For example, based on your suggestions to bring back “Humans of CPS,” we plan to start a new column tied to the Radar Instagram in which we post biweekly interviews from members of the CPS community. We are also really excited to announce the start of our new Current Events section, a change we hope will benefit writers who wish to keep our community up to date. 

The other main thing we want to accomplish during our time as your editors is to make Radar more accessible. We hope to dramatically increase article viewership by using our Grade Reps to promote articles across the whole school community. Additionally, we hope to work with our Section Editors to make the editing/publishing process quicker, simpler, and more straightforward so that anyone can become a published writer. 

We are so excited for the year ahead! 

Your Radar editors,

Danna, Kira, Andrew, and Cari

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