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30 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Dance

1. I’m here.

2. I shouldn’t have come.

3. OMG. Glow sticks.


5. Is anyone even dancing?

6. I am glowing.

7. I am magical.

8. There is food!

9. Better yet, candy.

10. Red Vines. Yes. I haven’t had a Red Vine in so long.

11. Wait. This isn’t a Red Vine. My life is a lie. No one likes Twizzlers.

12. It is kinda crowded now.

13. I’m such a great dancer!

14. Is that what I look like?

15. Oh no. Maybe I should stop.

16. Nope. Just don’t make eye contact with anyone.

17. This is fun!

18. I wonder if there will be a slow dance. That would be awkward.

19. I think I know this song…This is my jam!

20. Nope, nevermind.

21. At least my dance moves are on point.

22. Ben and Zach are pretty good.

23. Why are all the sophomores sitting outside?

24. What?! Last dance?!

25. Better get out all my dancing juices now.

26. I should probably thank my class reps for organizing this.

27. I’ll thank them tomorrow.

28. Actually I won’t thank them tomorrow.


30. I’m so glad I came.

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