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Arnav & Imaan Compiled Advice #1

If your question was not answered in this column, stay tuned for the next one in a few weeks!

How do you manage homework and stress?

You should set apart a couple minutes a day to do something that helps you relax. That could be something like watching one episode of a show, which is what we do. But only one! Otherwise, with homework, find a time schedule that works for you: one of us works for 40 mins and take 10 off. It gives you something to look forward to so you don’t burn out.

What’s the best quick snack for in between classes?

Candy, get some tea/coffee, chips, the souls of your enemies if you’re feeling especially down.

It’s been over a year, why does it still hurt every time I see her?

You should check if things are good between you two, or if there’s something that you’re still hung up on. Leaving things unresolved between you two is probably the last course of action in your situation. If you’re still thinking about it, it’s probably because you don’t understand what happened or why it happened. Otherwise, time heals all wounds? Except if you’re bleeding out. Then time probably makes it worse.

I want to make a friendship with this guy, and whenever I see him he talks to me. But over text he only responds with monosyllabic answers…

K. But really, maybe this guy isn’t very good at texting or communicating over the phone. He obviously wants to be friends with you, considering that he wants to talk to you at school. Open up to him. It might just be better to talk to this guy in person, since that’s where he seems to be most comfortable.

I have no friends to get me boba and I’m very young so I can’t drive, what should I do?

Every now and then, some seniors organize a boba run where you give them money for boba and a little extra to pay them for their help and they bring back boba for you and the other people who ordered. You can try to organize one yourself. Otherwise just talk to seniors! They’re all super nice and would be willing to help you out. As for the having no friends part, we can’t figure that out either.

I want to go to CPS sports home games but don’t have a way of getting there. What should I do?

Sometimes there will be fan vans, but otherwise you might just have to get a ride. As indicated above, talk to seniors, they’re all very nice and would be willing to give you a ride. I’m glad you’re trying to get to watch some of our games, teams love the support.

Places to nap on campus?

Student Center, the couch in the library, the gym deck stairs, or the grassy area on the hill between the Music Building and the parking lot. However, I don’t recommend taking naps on campus because your bed is probably better and you should try to get more sleep so you don’t feel tired on campus.

Can you cry underwater?

Idk, but I cry in the shower.

If I really hate someone and they keep trying to talk to me should I just tell them??

As someone who is often on both sides of this situation, the key is to not hurt their feelings. Be nice, but let them know discreetly that you don’t think the best use of their time is talking to you. Don’t ignore them, but end the conversations quickly and kindly. Studying is usually a good excuse.

What is that table in the back of campus used for?

If I recall correctly, Godwin practices Groovy Fu there.

Got any tips on how to maintain enough energy to work effectively from day to day?

Sleep! I stay up for no reason and then feel sluggish during the entire day. Talk to friends, they are the best source of energy on campus. Get a stress ball, those things work magic. Try coffee? Or don’t. That’s an endless cycle of despair.

At a movie theatre, which arm rest is mine?

Be assertive. Try to snag both armrests. Otherwise just go with whichever one is your dominant hand, unless you’re on a date, and if you are, then you’re coming to the wrong place for advice…

How is it possible to be as nice as y’all?

You’re definitely in the wrong place.


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