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Arnav & Imaan Compiled Advice #3

After a little break, column #3 is here! Enjoy!

Precursor: Sorry we’ve been leaving out some of the more serious questions in the past columns. We haven’t forgotten that this is an advice article. If you haven’t seen your question yet, we promise we’ll get to it soon.

I’m like with someone at school and they don’t know. What can I do?

First off, go see a writing coach and fix that awful grammar of yours. Next, buy a brownie from Robotics Club, they need the money. Then, proceed to think about whether you want to tell this person about your feelings or continue to be friends. This can be hard terrain to navigate, but if you feel ready, just go ahead and tell them. Face-to-face is the best way to do it. After you ask them, you should take them to a Robotics Club food sale for the first date. It doesn’t matter which one of you pays, as long as someone does.

How do you help one of your close friends when they’re struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts? I often don’t know what to say and it feels like I’m just giving empty advice.

If you feel like you might not be the best person for them to talk to, the best thing is to help them find someone who can listen and guide them. That could be a counselor, a teacher, a parent. It’s great that you can listen to your friend and show them they’re not alone, and it can be difficult to know what to say. Just telling the person that you’re there for them is often a great reassurance. And if you know of someone having serious suicidal thoughts, share your concerns with an adult you trust as soon as possible.

I’m a freshman. What’s the best food near CPS? I’m tired of Cactus, Market Hall, etc.

Becky’s Chinese, Gordo’s, Ramen Shop, Jule’s Pizza, Crepevine, Homeroom.

Best places to go/things to do with friends?

We’re going to tell you about things near CPS because the list of things you can ‘do’ with friends is limitless. These are all things we dream of doing if we had friends:

  1. Go get food (reference above)

  2. BART to San Francisco and hang out there for a couple hours

  3. Go to Pegasus Books and then grab some hot chocolate from Bittersweet Café

  4. Take the 51B Bus from Rockridge BART to the UC Berkeley campus and hang out near Telegraph

Do you have any recommendations for study music?

It all really depends on what you genre of music enables you to focus better on your work. This can vary a lot from person to person. Some people can only handle classical or jazz while studying, but listening to rock, pop, or hip hop is great if it’s not too distracting. Usually, music without lyrics is the way to go.

One of my best friends graduated last year. We helped each other through tough times both in and out of school. Now that he’s gone, I feel like I can’t have that kind of a support system with my other friends. My biggest fear is feeling like a burden on others. I still want to talk to my friend, but also feel obligated to give him space as he moves into another chapter of his life. How should I work through problems?

This is a tough situation, but your best bet would be to find someone at school who you feel like you can rely on. Your thought that you will be a burden on others is exactly as you described it: a fear,  not a reality. If you find the right people at school who you feel comfortable with, they will not think of you as a burden, rather as a friend they can feel comfortable confiding in. However, don’t completely destroy your relationship with your old friend, but talk to him occasionally rather than feeling completely dependent on him. I doubt your old friend thinks of you as a burden.

Who’s cooler and why?

Depends who you ask. We challenge you to spend time with us and decide yourself.

how do I avoid senioritis

Bother to capitalize the first letter and add a question mark. Otherwise, just know that school still matters, work hard, and cherish your time. I mean we’re not seniors, so probably not the best people for advice here.

Why is it that students are taught violence is not the answer, yet they learn so much about wars that solved America’s problems?

We asked Miranda, our history teacher, to take on this question:

“Wars solve and create new problems. There is a big difference between personal violence and war. To tell someone not to hit another person doesn’t contradict teaching WWII.”

Do people often confuse you two with other Indian guys at CPS?

All. The. Time.

How do I bolster my self confidence given CPS’s difficult academics and cutthroat social scene?

Always remember that everyone is different, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Otherwise, take everything bit by bit. You shouldn’t let too many things affect how you feel about yourself. Yes it’s difficult, but try and keep good people around you that can remind you that you’re kind and smart and important. A lot of people at CPS feel this way from time to time, so don’t feel like you’re alone.

Is it okay to unironically listen to Smashmouth?

If you’re a believer. As someone said, “you’ll never know if you don’t go. You’ll never shine if you don’t glow.” Hey now. You’re a rockstar.

How should I plan for term papers?

Don’t procrastinate, and make sure you choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in. It will make the writing process go by much quicker. Don’t be afraid to approach your teacher for revisions. Or ask a librarian for help! Also, don’t write it using Speech-to-Text. Just don’t.

Why did Imaan write his sophomore term paper draft using Speech-to-Text?

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