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Artist of the Week (11/13): Jinane E.

Description: I think we know the human race is heading in the wrong direction, but things are never definite. We can foreshow things, but we can also change things.


Our words were splintered and frayed

Our lips twisted with contempt

Mocking each other’s mockery

Scorning their significance

Disregarding their despair

Noting their differences and discomforts

All to rebuke

Because we were…





And so it was declared

Our haunts

Were everything but memories in bottles

That we drank fervently

So that no one else could have a sip

And our hopes were

Nothing but a dream

We dreaded, declaring them nightmares

So we took horseshoes and stamped them out

Our minds dishonest to our hearts

Yearning for some release

The facts, crystal clear, yet

Somehow we refused to accept


How this was to really be

A memory in a bottle


We hated

A picture of hands interlocked, laughs interchanged, smiles irreproducible

A picture of us dependent on each other, leaning on shoulders

A picture of children holding hands, oblivious

Our words are sharp

That bottle long gone

Shattered in two

A reflection cast upon those shards

Bright and blinding - of only one face

Crippled with corruption

Jinane Ejjed



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