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Ball is Life: Interview with the Basketball Captains

Q: How has the team improved over the season (in terms of team dynamics or cohesion or just in terms of playing)?

Evan: I feel like people really began to understand their roles on the team. We all played the best we could in our respective jobs, and that really helped us come together and play as a team.

Gillie: At the beginning of the season, most of the team was focused on a rebuilding year. Four senior starters graduated last year, so we were getting to know each other and becoming accustomed with each other’s playing styles. As the season has progressed, I think that we have all realized that we work well as a team, united. We all rely

Girls Varsity Basketball team

Girls Varsity Basketball team

on one another and trust each other, on the court and off.

Q: If you were to sum up the season in one word what would it be?

Evan: Successful.

Gillie: Surprising! I don’t think any of us expected to do as well as we did, and it’s awesome!

Q: What is your favorite memory from the season?

Evan: Without a doubt, Cairo’s buzzer-beater to beat Head Royce. It was the perfect ending to a thrilling, amazing game. I felt like I was in a movie.

Gillie: I’d have to say the end of our last regular season game. Our coach pulled both seniors out, so we were sitting on the bench at the end of the quarter. It was such a great feeling to storm the court and celebrate going undefeated with the rest of the team.

Q: Was there anything unique about one of your games (one where the team really clicked)?

Evan: I feel like everything clicked in all three of our Head-Royce games. We had different people step up in every game, and the entire team contributed in our sweep of the Jayhawks.

Gillie: Our game against Redwood Christian was really a great culmination of what we’ve worked on this season. We went back to the core fundamentals of basketball: running an offense, working together as a team, and a strong defense. Everyone had a near perfect game, and utilized everything they’ve learned and worked so hard on this


Q: If you were to say a couple of words to your team what would they be?

Senior Basketball Captain, Evan S. during a game against Head Royce.

Senior Basketball Captain, Evan S. during a game against Head Royce.

Evan: I would tell my team that I’m very proud of our season. No one expected us to be second in league, no one expected us to be in the BCL finals, and no one expected us to make NCS. We defied all the odds and had one of the most triumphant seasons in recent College Prep basketball history.

Gillie: I would say that they should all be very proud of themselves. Everyone has improved so much both individually and collectively. I’ll miss them all next year.

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