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Best of the Worst Poems


Sophia Roven (3/16/2017)

Soaring through the air.

Having a blast.


Suddenly, lying on the ground.

What hit you?

Of course.

A bludger.

You’re alright.

Back to the air.


Where is the golden ball?

The snitch.

It is your job to find it.


You see it.

Right in front of you.


The other seeker.

Oh no.

You have a Firebolt.

He has a Cleansweep 11.

You can do it.

You are faster!

Come on...

You extend your arm.


You blink.

It’s gone.


You spot it.


You feel your hand enclose the tiny ball.

You did it.

You won.

You caught the snitch.

a thing i wrote on bart


here is a little

haiku for your coat pocket

on a cold friday



Thanks for reading this, and for your time

Oh shoot just realized, I need this to rhyme

identity crisis of a fork

Jacqueline Shim (May 2020)

you picked me up when i was like a fork that got dropped in the garbage disposal

beaten up by the piercing metal knives of life

splintered. not straight.

you fixed me up when i had nothing.

no self confidence

no sense of self.

you breathed your ideals of me onto me

filled up my empty fork heart.


you lit me up

with gas

convinced me that i was delusional

until i no longer believe my own forked-up thoughts

your incessant comments echo in my empty skull

'you are nothing without me'

'you can never be without me because you need me to fill up your empty fork heart'

out of habit, i repeat:

i am not gay

i am not a fork

who am i?

Kanye’s Planes - A short poem


We used to see

Planes from LAX

I remember thinking

How many of them were Kanye’s?

math problems with harry styles

Jacqueline Shim (May 2020)

i give harry styles 20 watermelons and 4 pounds of sugar

he looks at me funny

“not that kind of watermelon sugar, y/n!”

Who is joe?


Joe mama

pyrotali average damage calcs



9 sw

indul cr damage

23 eol

4 comet


7 purify

24 tf / -34- / 45

22 m 22

9+23+4+10+7+6+34+22+22 = 137


ab bw

137+15 = 152

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