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  • Sarah Hernandez

Cross Country Dominates Athenian BCL

Last Thursday, October 29, your Girls and Boys’ Cross Country teams traveled to Athenian to race on the hardest course of the season. Athenian, known for its scorching heat and crippling hills was no match for your mighty cross country teams; both the girls and boys took home first place team finishes despite the harsh conditions. These wins provided the boy’s team with a chance to win League, as this was their second first place finish out of three League meets. The girls clinched their spot as the League Champions of BCL East with an astounding three first places in league meets thus far.

Led by Alex G., the boys team scored 35 points, tying the score with Athenian’s team. Elie S. won the race for the boys after he narrowly edged out the tiebreaker runner from Athenian. The girls ran an inspired race with many critical passes in the last mile of the course. Scoring 33 points, the girls team outran the Head-Royce team, which scored 40 points (lowest score wins!). Congratulate a cross country runner for taking on the course!

Maya Z. (‘17) outsprints two Head-Royce girls to take 4th place in the girls race. Photograph by Mary J.

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