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Crossword #6

Across2.Most residents of Southeastern South Africa3.School of the Arts, abr5.Inuit abode6.“There’s a ___ in the woods”8.A valley10.Now has a direct flight to San Francisco12.Florida Man’s electoral error16.A B-vitamin18.Possible victim of 12-Across19.First speakers of an Indo-European language21.Abbreviation for most commonly mispluralized word in English22.Had an axe to grind with the Pope, apparently24.Resident of Sitka, AKDown1.To fondly remember3.He would have wanted a Harkness Table…4.Colorado or Borealis7.Consumers of injera9.Elizabeth II’s favorite activity11.Islamic legal code13.The Constitution says you can have one14.Function of domain15.Thin pastry17.California or Maryland20.Used to make glass23.Chinese premier

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