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Humans of CPS

“Ask questions and you’ll discover something. That’s how people discover new things. If you get caught up in learning what other people try to tell you, then you will never create anything new.”

“Being different definitely confines me into an area. It’s a part of life. I’m used to it. It’s not as divided for me anymore.”

On being a twin: “You always have another point on the graph with which to reference yourself. As you grow older, you can see what your life shapes up to be. But you’re also seeing your brother who started at the same point—and obviously you won’t lead the same life—but you get to see what he’s doing and how you differ.”

How did you two become friends? “I wore this shirt and she’s like ‘I like your shirt.’ We were both in 2Prep, so there was a kind of group of us who was into really nerdy stuff—      “I’m not nerdy! …okay, yes, I am.”     “We just wore different merch and it was like hey, I like your shirt. It’s from a band. That’s the cover of one of their albums from 2006. 2005, sorry.”     “2005 is the Black Parade. Get it right, Ariana!”

“I’m ready for college in the same way that I’m ready for the end of the universe. I know it’s coming, but I don’t want to think about it.”

“I can’t go to Syria and fix everything. But we can make an impact; we can test the boundaries of possibilities of what we can actually do in the world.”

By Ahab C. and Sarah M.

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