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HUMANS OF CPS (1/18): Kira N.

“I started riding horses when I was five–so twelve years ago. It’s been a while. When I was younger, when I used to live in Oakland, I actually lived on a small horse farm. So we had the horses at home, and I would clean stalls. I kind of just grew up around it. Both my mom and my grandmother also ride, so it was always around.  I have a horse, his name is Astro. I recently moved up another difficulty level which is sort of cool. I guess the specific thing I do is three-day eventing; it’s kind of like a horse triathlon. You do three different things: you do dressage, cross country, and show jumping. Dressage is in an arena, no jumps–you just do this pattern of movements, and then [in] cross country you [jump] solid fences outside at high speeds.”

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