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Humans of CPS (11/24): Amrit T.

“There was this one time we went to New York, and we were waiting in line for the Statue of Liberty. I was eight years old and with my family and I thought I was old enough to go to the bathroom by myself. So I got out of line, went to some weird public restroom, and when I came back, I couldn’t find my parents. So I started crying and looking for them for twenty plus minutes, and I went to the police officer and I eventually found my parents. But when I did find them they yelled at me because they said, ‘You should not go off and you should not trust anyone who dresses in police clothes, because they could be fake police officers.’

I really like watching reality TV. I don’t know…there’s something about it it’s just very interesting and captivating. The quality is really bad and they fight about the worst possible stuff but I just have an obsession with reality TV.

Could you just have me saying, ‘I’m really random’ at the beginning?”


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