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Humans of CPS (11/3): Talia L.

“When I did gymnastics there were a lot of embarrassing stories because it’s so easy to slip and fall. One time at the State Championship we were doing warmups on the bars–and bars are really easy, because the routine I had was swinging back and forth and then jumping to the high bar–and I was swinging backward and my hands just slipped off the bar, and I went back onto the low bar, rolled around that, and then fell onto my back. And my coach came running over and was just like, “Yeah buck up! You still have to go perform and do the real one now.” Then I ended up doing the actual routine and it wasn’t very good because I was scared it was going to happen again–the wind was knocked out of me and everything! But it ended up being okay and I got an average score because I was trying not to swing too hard.”


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