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Humans of CPS (11/7): Jude P.

“I was on the robotics team for all of middle school. There were just about fifteen people. We worked on a single robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge, a nonprofit organization. I loved being on the robotics team because it helped me develop skills that I think are important and valuable, including teamwork and general coding skills. In a coding team, you don’t really have a coach like in sports, but rather mentors who allot the work and decision making to the team. This format causes leaders to step up and take positions that need to be filled. I think the robotics team taught me a lot about how to become a leader and how to have a vision for what needs to be done. Coding and computer science are the paths of the future. I believe that all jobs will have something to do with coding, and having the ability to understand how those things work is going to be very valuable in the long run. I think coding should be more accessible to the general population because that’s the meat of professions that the future will pack.”


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