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Humans of CPS (2/9): Emma J.

I think I wouldn’t be myself if I couldn’t write. Writing is that thing for me because I think I do most of my thinking by writing things out.

I can’t write by computer–I mean I can, like physically, but no, it’s not fun. I have to feel the motion of actually writing by hand. I think [writing by hand is] a lot more fun because if you look through my journal you can see some pages are basically incomprehensible, because I’m writing really fast, and then some pages are really neat. It’s a way of seeing my emotions through handwriting. 

I generally write [about] my own personal experiences… what I am going through, like a typical journal. But I have also tried writing fiction; that was mostly when I was eight. I actually named my cat after a character that I wrote about. Sometimes [looking back at what I wrote] is helpful. Like sometimes I’m stressed about something and then I’ll read my journal from a few years ago and I’ll be like oh, okay, I was stressed about that then and it wasn’t a problem. Also, I try to communicate between my journals. I opened my journal a few months ago and I saw a note that I had written in it from 2018 and it was like, “do you know where you’re going to college yet?” and I was like “no I don’t, this is the worst time you could have asked me– like a week before I find out!” So yeah, I look back, and I look forward sometimes, too.

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