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Humans of CPS: Beatrice J.

Beatrice Jarvis, Freshman - Interview Conducted by Phoebe Shin

Thursday, November 4, 2021: It is the last period of the day, and students are bustling around the Music Lawn, anticipating the weekend. The sun is shining, without a trace of rain, and the sound of singing and excited conversations harmonize to create a comfortable ambience. As I begin this year’s sixth interview, I click record. “Welcome, Beatrice.” The interview has begun…

Phoebe: How do you like CPS so far?

Beatrice: It’s definitely been more difficult than my middle school, but that’s not very hard to beat, since I was basically fully remote for all of 8th grade, and my teachers were a bit “meh” about the whole thing, so… definitely a large change, but I really like it.

Phoebe: How do you relax after a hard week?

Beatrice: Hmm… after a hard week, usually just taking a really good nap works, or I also like to clean my room with some music that I really like—that’s always a good way of relaxing, since I can just focus on those two things.

Phoebe: What skill would you like to master?

Beatrice: I want to work on writing really nice calligraphy. I’ve been practicing that recently, but I definitely need to work on it more.

Phoebe: What could you give a 40 minute presentation on without any preparation?

Beatrice: Probably…I could probably give a presentation on the history and evolution of Greek mythology, because I know a surprising amount of information on that. And I don’t know if I could do a presentation on this, but I know a bunch of different random facts about Star Wars!

Phoebe: What did you want to be when you grew up? How has that changed for you?

Beatrice: I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was always more of a “I’ll see when I get there.” But… something that I’ve been interested in is architecture, because my grandfather is an architect, so I think I might want to try that, and then if I enjoy it, then I guess I’ll do that!

Phoebe: Where is your favorite place to eat, and why?

Beatrice: I don’t know…um, Smokehouse? They have these fries— really large fries—that are the right saltiness, and they’re fried perfectly, so yeah, Smokehouse.

Phoebe: What is your favorite scent?

Beatrice: I don’t really have favorite smells, but I have a lot of scents that I associate with different people. There’s a shampoo that everyone in my family (except me) uses, and I associate that heavily with my family, because that’s a constant smell in my house. Like, when I go to give my younger siblings a hug, that’s all I ever smell.

Phoebe: Now, I’m going to ask you a series of shorter questions, and you can answer and tell me why you chose what you chose!

Savory or sweet? Savory, because I get really overwhelmed with sweets very easily.

Summer or winter? Summer, because I don’t get hot very easily, and also because I get to see my grandmother more.

Calling or texting? Texting. It’s so much easier, and also I can give shorter, like one word answers if someone asks a question.

Would you rather be: smartest person in the world or richest person in the world? The richest person in the world, so I can push Jeff Bezos down a little bit? *laughs*

Massive success by accident or modest success on purpose? Modest success on purpose, because I think I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished more, and make me feel like I’ve actually done something.


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