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Humans of CPS: William E.

William E., Sophomore - Interview conducted by Joseph Shelby

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022: The air of the Cougar Cafe is filled with the pleasantly salty aroma of popcorn. This aroma is coming from the sophomore standing in front of the microwaves, eager to open up his treat, William Evans. There’s a faint chatter of students enjoying their free period in the background, but nothing too disturbing. As this pleasantly relaxed day at CPS continues to pass by, I click record. “Welcome Will.” The interview has begun…

Joseph: Okay, what’s the piece of advice that you get the most often? Starting off serious.

Will: I don’t know—um—to study.

Joseph: I get that one a bit too. *laughs* What’s your comfort food?

Will: *holds up a bag of popcorn in his hand*

Joseph: Any brand specifically?

Will: No, just microwave.

Joseph: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Will: Uhhh, probably Florida. I just really like crocodiles, so it would be cool to see them a lot.

Joseph: What’s your favorite form of entertainment?

Will: Hmm... probably TV, yeah, TV

Joseph: Do you have a favorite TV show?

Will: Pretty much just whatever’s on.

Joseph: Okay, this last one’s going to be one of our infamous would you rather questions. Would you rather never have to work/go to school for a day in your life or never feel tired?

Will: Never go to school.

Joseph: Any reasons for that

Will: Like it’s definitely a very good experience, but not for me.

Joseph: Understood. Thanks for coming in today.

Will: No problem


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