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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Over the past couple of Halloween nights, I’ve become an expert in putting together costumes at the last minute. A combination of homework, time pressure, and indecision made it almost impossible to plan ahead. Luckily for all my fellow procrastinators, I’ve compiled a list of some relatively simple costumes to save your Halloween from a truly terrifying lack of spirit. Let’s get spooky (typing this sentence caused me physical pain)!

1. Georgie (It)

Despite the fact that all I really know about It comes from a Wikipedia summary I read because I thought that it would freak me out less than watching the trailer (I was wrong), I can still confirm that a Georgie costume is completely doable and 100% creepy. Materials needed: a raincoat, rain boots, a red balloon, and a paper boat. In case you don’t know how to fold a paper boat, I’m including a link to a slightly unsettling instructional video right here.

2. Yourself

This costume is probably the most overused procrastinator’s cop-out to ever exist, but it works as both an excuse and a great way to amuse yourself––and absolutely no one else––with how funny you are. If you actually want to turn this into a Halloween costume, my suggestion is to take the most cliché and recognizable elements of your wardrobe and personality and blow them all way out of proportion. Are you regularly classified as the dad friend? All you need to do is find your best print shirts, baseball hats, cargo pants, and dad jokes and you’re ready to go! Materials needed: anything you already own that fits your true ‘brand’. Halloween is your time to be as true to yourself as possible – if that means breaking out some terrible dad jokes, all the better.

3. Vampire

Vampire costumes are a classic for a reason: they’re dark, fun, and spooky – not to mention the potential for over-the-top makeup. What’s not to love about dramatic eyeliner, moody monologues about the failures of humanity, and capes? Materials needed: vampire teeth, lots of black clothes, fake blood (or red lipstick), dark circles, and LOTS of highlighter (thanks Twilight!).

4. Three hole punch version of Jim Halpert

All credit for this costume idea goes to Jim Halpert, one of the best characters on one of the best TV shows to exist. Jim’s complete lack of interest in dressing up for Halloween, combined with his simple wardrobe, makes his costumes perfect for anyone pressed on time. His three hole punch costume is easy to put together and (in my opinion) is pretty funny. Materials needed: three black paper circles, tape, a white shirt, black pants, and a talent for looking into the nearest camera .

5. Your squad

One of the most difficult things about doing a group costume is coordinating and putting everything together on time – if you and your friends find yourselves without any ideas or costumes by Halloween, an easy and fun alternative to a large costume would be to dress up as each other. Switching clothes with your friends and imitating each other for a day is guaranteed entertainment for everyone involved – don’t be afraid to go all out!

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