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Letter from the Editors

Hi all,

Just like the average College Prep student, the Radar has many visions and aspirations for the coming school year. The 2016-2017 school year holds incredible promise for the growth of the Radar, especially in its pioneering year of the new block schedule. The Common Classroom block will allow more school-wide participation in the Radar than ever before. We know that the collaboration of the minds of students and faculty will allow the Radar to become a fundamental part of student life.

As the leaves on the quad change colors and we welcome the freshman class of 2020 onto our campus and into our community, we hope that they too will share our love for this newspaper. That’s the beauty of the Radar: we welcome anyone and everyone to contribute their passion for journalism, photography, and this year, cinematography. Whether you’re a newbie to writing for a newspaper or you’re a three-time gold medalist for a journalism award, the Radar will find a place for your talents.

We have both been dedicated to the Radar since our wee freshman years, and we’ve seen it all: we saw co-editors Deanna and Nadira transition the newspaper from a paper medium to an online experience and we saw co-editors Sami and Jane recreate the Radar’s public image with the addition of an Instagram (@humansofcps), a Facebook page (The Radar), and other social media platforms. This year, we sadly bid farewell to Dr. David Kojan as he passes the torch to a new face on campus: Amy Clausen! We know Amy will give us the guidance we need in this new chapter for our newspaper.

We hope to implement a few new goals for this upcoming year. First, we’re excited to (re-)introduce the Radar’s paper medium in addition to our website, an environmentally conscious paper medium that is set to publish the Radar’s highlights. Secondly, we want to expand readership and participation with the help of the Common Classroom period every week. Finally, we hope to expand on the legacy of the Radar and keep its unique perspective of our school as authentic as possible.

Your Co-editors, Martha Castro and Katherine Chen

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