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Music Column: Boy

Source: Daily Unsigned

This music column is dedicated to the up-and-coming band called Boy, which is ironically comprised of two female musicians: Valeska Steiner, from Switzerland, the lead singer, and Sonja Glass, from Germany, the bassist and back-up vocalist. Although both musicians are European, all of their songs are in English and fall under the genre of American/Canadian acoustic pop, with a folky tinge. The band claims their music has been inspired most by Bon Iver, Phoenix, and Feist.

Although the two musicians met in 2005 while taking the same music course at a university in Germany, it wasn’t until 2011 that their first album, “Mutual Friends,” released in the UK. The most popular song on the album is called “Little Numbers,” the hit that won Boy the European Border Breakers Award (EBBA) in 2012. The EBBA awards ten artists a year, who reach substantial audiences beyond their home country, a distinct honor. After receiving much recognition in Europe, “Mutual Friends” was released in North America in 2013, quickly followed by the launch of Boy’s first US tour.

The Record Label Gronland described Boy’s first album in a review, praising it as “lyrically accessible—a result of Valeska’s own preference for music where the singer’s intent is clear” while also being a “musically complex affair that seems to adapt to the listener’s mood, capable of sounding both extraordinarily happy and exquisitely mournful.” Boy’s sound is truly unique, often lauded for its “natural” sound. So if you’re curious or need some new music, check them out!

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