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Music Review: Meghan Trainor’s “Title”

Pop singer Meghan Trainor’s number one hit “All About That Bass” is hard to miss since it plays on the radio almost every hour. The catchy tune was Trainor’s breakout hit, as she was an unknown before the song was released. She started as a songwriter with no intentions to ever perform the songs she had written. However, when other artists, including Beyoncé, declined to record her plus-size body positive composition, she went into the studio and recorded it herself. Little did she know, her single would soon be on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Her new album, “Title,” released on January 9, incorporates Trainor’s favorite old school sounds. The album also displays her unique melodies and catchy lyrics. In addition, she does a great job at giving young people advice and insight into her life. Unfortunately, most songs are very repetitive and have the same story line, for example “Dear Future Husband” and “Title” both give Trainor’s criterion for possible partners and share the same upbeat sound. In addition, “3AM” and “Walkashame” are playful songs joking about romantic mistakes and embarrassments.

The biggest single after “All About that Bass” is “Lips are Movin,” which was released approximately 4 months after the first. It has the same tempo and melodies, and because of the line “Tell me that you’re not just about this bass,” is known as “Bass Part Two.”

Although repetitive and lacking originality, Meghan Trainor’s new album is very catchy and the perfect album to dance to with friends. The record is personal and meant to be relatable. Billboard predicts that her career will live on to some maturity, but she must keep the same drive and “vivaciousness” that makes her Meghan Trainor and hopefully not just a one hit wonder.

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