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New Bay Area Artists

Marc E. Bassy



Born in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill District, Marc E. Bassy is an R&B singer songwriter currently building a solo career. He released his first mixtape, “Only The Poets,” last year and his newest EP, “East Hollywood,” six months later. His sound is definitely unique; Bassy always creates innovate beats and clever lyrics that make his songs catchy and fun. His alternative R&B style sets him apart from old school R&B and many of the popular rappers coming out of the Bay Area. After seeing Marc E. Bassy in concert over the summer, I immediately became a fan. It isn’t only his unique sound; he is an engaging performer and has a charismatic stage presence.

Best songs: Lock it Up, Some Things Never Change, Do You There, That’s Love



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Kehlani, born and raised in North Oakland, is an R&B singer songwriter. She has released two mixtapes, “Cloud 19” and “You Should Be Here.” She is scheduled to release a full length album early 2016.

At only 20 years old, Kehlani is very emotional and down to earth in her songs; she writes about love, loss, and hardships she faced growing up. Her sound is very diverse; her influences range from old school R&B to upbeat pop. Recently, she has rapped on a few tracks with other artists such as Ambre Perkins, Lil B from The Pack, and G-Eazy. I have been a fan of Kehlani for a few years, and because her sound is always evolving, every track she releases is better than the last. I have seen Kehlani in concert twice, and each time she has delivered amazing performances. The atmosphere of her concerts exemplifies the diversity of her sound: People dance and sing along to her upbeat music and sway to her more mellow tracks.

Best songs: The Way, Get Away, Bright, Good Good, Preach (remix), Stay Up

Nef The Pharaoh



Known in the Bay for his song, “Big Tymin,” Nef The Pharaoh is a young rapper from Vallejo, California. While his sound is heavily influenced by Bay Area artists from the hyphy movement, his clever lyrics and unique voice set Nef The Pharaoh apart as a rapper.

Nef has been rapping for four years. However, he has only recently gained recognition for his song “Big Tymin,” an anthem heard around the Bay, and a song that I constantly hear on local radio stations. It has exposed Nef The Pharaoh to a more mainstream audience, so much so that he now calls himself “The Original Father Big Tymin”. He has recently been working with P-Lo, Kehlani, and other Bay Area artists to put out new music and feature on some of their tracks.

Best Songs: Big Tymin, Old School Hyphy, Try Again, I Gotta Cold


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