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New Food Friday: Gelatipop

Price range: $

Overall rating: 9/10

Welcome to New Food Fridays, a series that follows Kaitlynn H, Morgan M, and myself as we try new restaurants in the Bay Area every Friday!

We had been meaning to try Gelatipop for ages. The small shop is the only of its kind in Northern California, selling gelato on a popsicle stick with various toppings. The downside is that it’s in Alameda. Alameda. If anyone has spent any time in Alameda, you will know that there are very few things to do on the small island, so we had put off going for quite some time. But, one particularly warm Friday after school, we decided to try it out. We made the fifteen minute drive to the island, stopped at In-n-out to ensure our trip would be worth it, and then drove to Southshore, Alameda’s biggest “mall,” where Gelatipop is located.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.22.11 PM

photography by Kennedy M.

After wandering around for ten minutes or so, we found the tiny, inconspicuous gelato shop. Upon walking in, we saw the large display container that held all the popsicles, which was opposite to one small counter and three stools. Two young men were working: one was sitting in the back, and the other was waiting idly behind the counter. The man working behind the counter asked if we wanted any samples, and we all decided to try the Tiramisu and the Hazelnut. We ended up ordering one Coffee, one Hazelnut, and one Tiramisu popsicle. After we ordered, he informed us that earlier that day, he mixed up the Salted Caramel and Tiramisu pops, and didn’t know which were which. He said, “Uh, just tell me if its right and if it’s not, I can, like, make you a new one. It’s cool.” We all kind of awkwardly laughed at this odd statement, saying it would be fine regardless, and only slightly and silently questioned his professionalism.

Nevertheless, we got our three pops and headed to the topping bar. There were nuts, cookies, and a variety of sauces to choose from, so we all decided to get different things: oreos and white chocolate on the hazelnut, coconut and milk chocolate on the tiramisu/salted caramel, and almonds and white chocolate on the coffee. The man sitting in the back came to the register and watched him finish our popsicles, then rang us up. We decided to ask the young men a few questions about their Gelatipop experience, because after all, we were on an investigative mission.

Kaitlynn: “You’re really good at [drizzling chocolate on the popsicle]. Did you get that on the first try, or did it take some time? Did you have to practice that technique you have?”

Man #1: “I mean the first time it was harder. My hand cramped a lot. It sucked.”

Kennedy: “Did it stress you guys out to do it in front of customers? Do the customers do what we’re doing right now and just watch you? What if you mess up? And they saw that? I think that’s so stressful.”

Both Man#1 and Man#2 laugh.

Man #2: “I think most customers don’t pay attention that much. So usually it’s pretty good. If you make a mistake, just play it cool, act like you meant to do it that way, and they won’t notice.”

photography by Kennedy M.

photography by Kennedy M.

We thanked the two men and paid for our pops, each with one sauce and one topping; which cost about $5.50 apiece. It’s somewhat expensive for a popsicle, but we all agreed the experience was worth the cost. The gelato popsicles themselves were delicious (he chose correctly and I got my tiramisu!), and the people who were working there were hilarious. So, if you ever find yourself on the quaint little island of Alameda, stop by Southshore and try Gelatipop!

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