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Not Your Ordinary Restaurant Review: T’s Firehouse Indian Cuisine & Sports Bar

I don’t enjoy writing fluff articles, articles that hold no value, Buzzfeed style articles that are oh so relatable and ultimately oh so forgettable. That being said, this is not a fluff article. This article is important. This restaurant review will haunt your mind for the months to come.

I live in Lafayette. Lafayette is not a great place for commerce. I’ve seen restaurants come and go within months. I’ve seen empty taquerias that scream of self-pity. I’ve seen the rise and fall of Mountain Mike’s. I watched as the little dingy corner next to Kelly Moore Paints opened and reopened as a nail parlour, a Mexican restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and finally, as T’s Firehouse Indian Cuisine & Sports Bar. First of all, who is T?

My parents are not talented cooks, so a lot of the time, we eat out. It’s a bad habit, especially in the winter when the fridge is only stocked with yogurt and stacks of restaurant take-out boxes. I can only helplessly watch as our waistlines balloon. Lafayette cuisine is famously mediocre, just like Lafayette culture. After a week of persistent begging, I finally convinced my dad to go to the suspicious looking Indian restaurant wedged into the back of the paint store. “Don’t have high hopes,” Dad said.

Photography by Katherine C.

Walking into the “firehouse” itself is an experience I’ll carry to my deathbed. From the outside, it looks like a saloon, with one of those “wild west” cowboy-themed designs. Christmas lights decorate the sign. It’s been 3 months since Christmas. Step inside, and you will be greeted by a series of small rooms, each no bigger than a bunk bed, all of them with huge glass panes. You realize, they’re display windows, but with doors. Mannequins sit, some naked from the waist down. A pool table dominates one of the display rooms. Just a pool table. Another female mannequin churns butter and stares at a game machine. The whole setup is like the beginning of a themed amusement ride, romantically lit in a soft glowing light. Another step, and a sudden juxtaposition.

Photography by Katherine C.

Gif by Katherine C.

Is it a club? Where is the rave music? Why is it so cold? Ah…the bar has neon lights that flash the rainbow, all the time. Silent TVs broadcasting baseball games surround the high ceilinged restaurant. I guess that’s where the sports bar comes in. And I’m not being sarcastic when I say this is the best decor I’ve ever seen. The ambiance is a mix of “I really don’t know how to decorate” and “I just really want you to have a good time.”

Photography by Katherine C.

The fixed menu is invitingly placed into our hands. Dad says we have to order to-go, because he didn’t bring his jacket and he’s already feeling the hypothermia. We order garlic naan, lamb, chicken tikka masala, tandoori, the works. Getting home, we dig in. No pictures, sorry. I was too hungry. The food was pretty good. The naan is to die for. The chicken tikka masala has too many notes of tomato, and the lamb is bright red. Let’s be honest, the food part of this article is very minimal, because nothing struck me as incredible. It was Indian food. Good Indian food. Nothing super special, but very solid Indian cuisine. In conclusion, if you come over to my house, I’m taking you to T’s Firehouse, for an unforgettable dining experience of mannequins and excellent garlic naan.

Price range: $$ KChen étoiles: 1.5 out of 3 What to wear: nice warm sweater and pants with elastic waistband (I hear they have a buffet)

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