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These are quotes I’ve heard around CPS in the past couple months. CPS is an interesting place, and because it’s an interesting place, there are interesting people. Interesting people lead to interesting quotes – here are a few:

  1. “I’m dying.”

  2. “I love how CPS makes me feel like wet paper.”

  3. “Have you worn that dress everyday this week?”

  4. “Close your mouth, I don’t want to see that.”

  5. “That vending machine burger was really good.”

  6. “Beginning instruments is so fun!”

  7. “I’ve been trying to get Kojan to accept my follow request on Insta; it’s been two years.”

  8. “Yes, I wear drug rugs to sleep.”

  9. “I have at least 10,000 unread emails.”

  10. “I hope you’re wrong.”

  11. “Want to go to Trader Joe’s?”

  12. “I ran out of milk and I tried to walk to Trader Joe’s at 10 but I got there and they were closed.”

  13. “I killed my first spider last weekend with an Ugg.”

  14. “Throw a piece of chicken to get the bee away from us.”

  15. “I only own four pairs of long pants.”

  16. “My elastic pants are only worn when I go to buffets.”

  17. “My bio project was just a plastic bag filled with water.”

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