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Radar Rates the Best and Worst Valentine’s Day Candy

We’re back and sweeter than ever with more candy ratings! Hopefully our candy views help you decide on next year’s tasty treats!

Here’s what we found –

Hershey’s Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Hearts

Average Rating: 1.9/5

“Milk chocolate. ‘Nuff said.” (3/5) – Carson

“Nice to bite down on. Melts in your mouth. More chocolatey than most Hershey’s stuff.” (3/5) – Murph

“Very sweet. I can feel my teeth rotting. Nothing special, just solid chocolate here. (overdone)” (1.5/5) – Lauren

Hershey’s Valentine’s Kisses, Milk Chocolate

Average Rating: 2.8/5

“Too much flavor – troubling.” (2/5)

“This is not normal.” (2/5) – Sophie

“Delicious creamy chocolate but something’s off about them. They taste kinda caramel-y.” (3/5) – Aaron

Hershey’s Valentine’s Krackel Miniatures

Average Rating: 2.9/5

“Crispy, smooth finish. Great flavors. Good candy.” (5/5)

“Tastes like normal milk chocolate with little crispy bits, but has a lightly weird aftertaste.” (4/5)

“A solidly mediocre candy. A bit confusing with the rice in it, but if the chocolate was more flavorful (aka not Hershey’s), it would improve the candy greatly.” (2.5/5) – Thea

Hershey’s Valentine’s Mr. Goodbar Miniatures

Average Rating: 4.8/5

“Mr. Goodbar? More like Mr. Bestbar.” (4.75/5) – Sam

Hershey’s Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Miniatures

Average Rating: 2/5

“Thick and creamy. First bite had a taste reminiscent of peanut butter for some reason. Almost too chocolatey” (3.5/5)

“Not great. Tastes vaguely of dirt and also of agave. Bad combination.” (1.5/5)

“They taste…wrong? I really didn’t think you could mess up Hershey’s, but the lack of wax somehow makes it worse.” (1/5) – Avi

Snickers Valentine’s Minis Size

Average Rating: 3.4/5

“Beautiful! Consistently amazing peanut, chocolate, and caramel flavor. Well-delivered in a small size.” (4.5/5) – Carson

“I trusted you Snickers, but no, you too succumbed to the industrial pressure to convert to strawberry flavored hell just four DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY Aaahhhh :(” (3/5)

“Too grainy. Don’t like nuts, wouldn’t recommend.” (2/5) – Ava

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Valentine Pack

Average Rating: 3.16/5

“They’re M&M’s.” (3.75/5) – Sam

“These are just an excuse for the M&M’s company to make money off of Valentine’s Day by coloring candy pink. But, since I enjoy M&M’s, they’re not too bad.” (3.5/5) – Thea

“The colors of the shells makes me imagine the taste of yogurt while eating them. Not enjoyable. White M&M’s should never exist in this universe.” (1/5)

M&M’s Valentine’s Day Peanut

Average Rating: 3.36/5

“Who doesn’t like Peanut M&M’s??” (4.5/5) – Sam

“Slightly deformed, but tasted fine. Not great chocolate to peanut ratio (not enough chocolate).” (4/5) – Aaron

“It’s an M&M! It’s crunchy and the chocolate is good. They just lack anything Valentines-y. They’re just M&M’s.” (1.5/5) – Avi

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Day Squares

Average Rating: 3.3/5

“Good chocolate and chocolate to caramel ratio, but the caramel is way too sweet, especially against the sweet milk chocolate” (3.5/5)

“The mixture of the milk chocolate and the caramel is way too sweet. It would be better with dark chocolate.” (3/5) – Sonia

“Not a fan of this. Missing a lot of flavor and they didn’t quite get the caramel to chocolate ratio right. And the chocolate just kinda crumbles.” (2/5) – Murph

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Day Squares

Average Rating: 2.8/5

Ghirardelli Chocolate Valentine’s Dark & Strawberry Squares

Average Rating: 1.9/5

“Burned the back of my throat. Yuck.” (1.5/5) – Sam

“The strawberry filling is a mistake. Sweetness burns my throat (plus it looks terrifying when broken).” (1/5) – Aaron

“I like chocolate a LOT, but this doesn’t count as chocolate…It had potential to be tasty but it weirdly burns the throat and it’s way too sweet. It tastes like a cross between moldy jam and toothpaste that is colored red for little kids.” (.4/5) – Estella

Ghirardelli Valentine Strawberry Bark Squares

Average Rating: 1.7/5

“Starts ok, nice fresh white chocolate. Then suddenly a putrid burst of what I guess is strawberry comes and makes you regret all your life decisions.” (1/5) – Ruby

“The strawberry bark tasted distinctly like a poor episode of Dora the Explorer.” (1/5)

“Nasty. White chocolate and strawberries should never mix. This is an abomination of nature. Would NOT recommend.” (1/5) – Sophie

“Bleugh.” (0/5) – Ava

Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Swedish Fish Heart Shapes

Average Rating: 1.7/5

“Nauseatingly disgusting but in a way that makes me want to eat them one after another until I barf.” (3/5)

“This candy is a rough treat from the start. The gelatinous structure of this cardiovascular muscle is just the wrong side of chewy, and it has zero flavor until you swallow. At that point, your senses will be taken by the sickening, saccharine flavor of fake fruit.” (2/5)

“Think Swedish fish mixed with cough syrup and despair.” (.5/5) – Sam

“They’re just…so gross? It’s impossible to bite into them without getting a huge chunk of them stuck in your teeth. They also taste like cough syrup. Ugh.” (0/5) – Avi

Valentine’s Day Cherry Blow Pop

Average Rating: 2.7/5

“Cherry is surprisingly lacking. The outside candy is a 2/5, but the inside gum is perfect.” (3.5/5) – Carson

“I mean it’s pretty bad, but I weirdly kept coming back to it? Bubblegum is good too.” (3/5) – Sam

“I am so disappointed…I tried to get to the promised tasty stuff at the center, but the hard red stuff is so sweet that it’s unbearable. So I took it and smashed it on the table, so it finally broke. I tried the gum at the center, which is just TRASH. So much effort for nothing.” (1/5) – Estella

Lindor Valentine’s Day Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles

Average Rating: .5/5

“Smells pretty gross and fake. I can’t tell if I like it or not. I’m so confused who even am I anymore? Leaves a  bad taste in my mouth, so I guess it’s pretty bad.” (2/5) – Ruby

“I ate so much and I’m not ok. But I’ve got to say that 99.99% of that not ok-ness is due to that Lindt demonic truffle. It literally made my soul red and I will never go near a Lindt truffle AGAIN. Strawberry filling is officially revolting.” (0/5) – Estella

“Get this taste out of my mouth. Nobody should suffer like I did.” (0/5) – Sam

“Ok. Here’s the tea: artificial strawberry flavors suck in general. Strawberry ice cream? Maybe. Strawberry filling? Gross but ok. But a strawberry Lindt Lindor? NO! WHY! It tastes like chemical sugar! I feel like I need to have an exorcism after eating that demon of a candy!” (-2/5) – Thea

Wonka Sweet Tart Hearts Valentine Candy

Average Rating: 2.8/5

“Sweet and tart – live up to expectations. (Would be 5/5 if they were labeled as Sweet Hearts – it was RIGHT. THERE.)” (4/5) – Ava

“These are fine because they’re ‘tart’, but then you realize what you’re eating (powdery chemicals???) and it starts tasting just slightly like soap…what?! I still enjoy them though.” (4/5) – Estella

“Have a nice crunch to them. Sourer than regular Sweet Tarts. Have easily distinguishable and different flavors. And the design is very cute.” (4/5) – Murph

“I’ll start with the good. They’re fruity and I like that. Regardless, they’re chalky and unpleasantly sour! Your sweet heart deserves better.” (2/10) – Avi

Dove Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Hearts

Average Rating: 3.3/5

“Good consistency, great flavor, great visual, and a motivational quote!” (4.5/5) – Carson

“Very pretty, 5/5 presentation. Classic chocolate, rather low quality and quite sweet.” (2.5/5)

“At first glance it is cute, and I like the stripes. Very hard and bad flavor.” (2/5)

Starburst Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Jelly Beans

Average Rating: 3/5

“This is the quality artificially flavored content I came here for. I can already feel the damage it’s doing to my teeth and digestive system.” (5/5)

“It reminds me of a chewy version of kids’ medicine, but even though they kind of suck, I want more.” (2/5) – Thea

“(Somewhat) sour. Sad parody of a jellybean. Fruity and not tasty. Good flavor, not bad strawberry. Lying demons with apparently more than two flavors but only bicolored. DO NOT TRUST” (1.5/5) – Lauren

York Peppermint Pattie Miniature Valentine’s Day Hearts

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“Reshaping them for the holiday was completely unnecessary. York is the candy of the gods.” (5/5)

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” (4.5/5) – Sophie

“Tastes like a softer thin mint. Melts in your mouth. Never had it before but I’m a fan.” (4/5) – Murph

Reese’s Valentines Day Peanut Butter Hearts

Average Rating: 3.5/5

“Peanut butter and chocolate is obviously the best combination ever, so automatic 5.” (5/5) – Pauline

“Okay, I LOVE Reese’s. The peanut butter is creamy and the chocolate shell is so pleasant. I had to dock a point just because it’s not special.” (4/5) – Avi

“Just a peanut butter cup in festive packaging.” (2/5) – Lauren

So there you go! We have scientifically proven that Mr. Goodbar is the best Valentine’s Day candy…even though we only had one sample. Just to be safe, we’d also recommend York Peppermint Patties because more people seemed to like those. Oh, and try to stay away from the Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles.

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