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Science Olympiad Success at Regionals

Last Saturday, on the cold, rainy day of March 12th, your College Prep Science Olympiad team went to their Regionals Competition at Cal State University, East Bay. The team was very successful and everybody had a great time testing their knowledge or watching the devices they build match off with those from other schools.

The competition started at 8:30 am and continued until 3:20 p.m., after which awards were announced at 4:30. There were a total of 23 events for the high school division, focusing on everything from Fossils to Hydrogeology to Protein Modeling. College Prep won a slew of awards, for various events.

In Air Trajectory, College Prep harnessed the power of air to make ping-pong balls seemingly levitate, with Ethan and Jack earning 2nd place in the category.

Hannah K. and Laura earned 2nd place in their category as well, impressing us all with their knowledge of Astronomy. Adam and Cole also earned an award in the category, coming in fifth for College Prep.

College Prep also rocked the field (pun intended) in Fossils and Geologic Mapping: Jack and Elie earned second place in interpreting various geologic and topographical maps, while Ethan and Charlotte P. placed second for their expertise in identifying fossils, creatures, and time periods they originated from.

Coming in 2nd place, Stuti, Kye and Martha had incredible success with Protein Modeling, a category in which they showed off their impressive knowledge of biochemistry and protein-building in cells.

College Prep Maroon Team (Photo courtesy of the Ashby (Ethan ‘17) family)

Arden and Charlotte placed third in Electric Vehicle, and Nick and Laura placed fourth in It’s About Time, showing their team’s prowess in a wide range of topics. College Prep came in strong with Hydrogeology; Amara and Stan utilized their vast knowledge of everything from aquifers to soil content to clinch fourth place.

Sarah B. and Sarab earned 2nd place in Write It Do It, working together as a psychic duo to relate instructions on how to re-assemble a disassembled piece in a way that most resembled the original construction. Jack and Laura won fifth place in this category as well, showing that our school really has its share of talented Science Olympians. Invasive Species also saw a great success, with Julia F. and Joanne placing second in the category.

Yours truly was lucky enough to participate in Wright Stuff and Bridge Building, both constructive categories where model planes and bridges were put to the test. Ami and I placed second in Wright Stuff, while Stan and I won 2nd Place in Bridge Building.

Last but certainly not least, Martha and Cally won 5th place in Wright Stuff, where their airplane stayed aloft for a stunning period of time.

The College Prep team, narrowly beating Albany High School by a single point, won 3rd Place Overall, qualifying for the State Tournament. The state-level competition will take place on April 16, at Cal State Stanislaus.

Wish a Science Olympian good luck!

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