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Secret Spots in the Bay Area: Temescal Alley

You may know the Temescal neighborhood from its well-known and highly praised restaurants, such as Burma Superstar, Homeroom, and Doña Tomas. However, the real jewel of the neighborhood is Temescal Alley. The alley is the epitome of what you either love or hate about hipster culture. The row of buildings used to serve as horse stables, yet you would never know by looking at them today. Off of 49th street, Temescal Alley is composed of small shops with sweet treats, coffee, books and even succulents. This relatively new area is perfect for a study break or weekend outing. Also, check it out on the first Friday of each month to enjoy live music and food supplied by the local (and delicious) restaurants.

Photography by Jane V.

High-end jewelry store Marisa Haskell. Photography by Jane V.

Temescal Alley. Photography by Jane V.

Temescal Alley. Photography by Jane V.

My favorite places to visit in Temescal Alley:


Even though the ram head and large amount of painted skulls may seem a little off-putting at first, Esqueleto is definitely worth checking out. There is a variety of purses and specialty jewelry in the shop. Even if you don’t buy anything due to it’s heavy price tag, it is definitely worth taking a quick look at this one and a half year old store.


Photography by Jane V.

Photography by Jane V.

Photography by Jane V.

Doughnut Dolly

A small shop with (you guessed it) doughnuts. However, these aren’t your typical fried balls of dough; these doughnuts are cooked to perfection and prepared individually. You are given the option of either a granulated sugar or powdered sugar donut with a choice of 4 fillings: naughty cream, dark chocolate, a seasonal jam or seasonal flavor. Personally, I would recommend the naughty cream. If you can’t decide, don’t worry, because the effervescent owner, Hannah Hoffman, will gladly make you a doughnut with two different fillings.

Crimson Horticultural Rarities

This store on the corner is definitely a niche place; it only sells plants. Even if you hate gardening or are not a big fan of plants, like myself, you can still totally geek out over all of the beautifully arranged succulents and rootless plants (yes they have plants without roots!!!) WARNING: it may be hard to leave the store without buying a small plant of your own.

The CRO cafe

If you become parched while shopping, head over to this tiny boutique café. Their specialty is handmade drip coffee. However, if coffee isn’t your thing, choose from their variety of loose-leaf teas. Most importantly, the barista makes fancy designs on your drink for insta-worthy pics.

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