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Seniors of CPS 4/24: Grayson C, Samantha D, Hannah K

(from left to right, top row to bottom) Grayson C, Samantha D, Hannah K - Interviews Conducted by Anna C, Phoebe S, Celia L-D, and Nora W

This week, your Humans of CPS Team interviewed three lovely seniors— Grayson, Samantha, and Hannah — for our eleventh week of Seniors of CPS interviews. Some were interviewed in sunny living rooms, others in quiet bedrooms, or even at school! These interviews include responses to various questions designed to help you get to know our seniors a bit better and to give you some insight into their memories from the past four years at College Prep. We hope you enjoy!

Q: What is something unique about you/a fun fact that your classmates might not know?

Grayson: Let’s see. I have a lot of consistent routines that I stick to, so, while quarantining, I fell into lots of small daily patterns that I’ve stuck with as we’ve come back to school. For a while I went on the same bike ride everyday. I’ll open my curtains and make my bed the same way every morning and I’ll make the same smoothie every morning, only changing the ingredients slightly. I’ll make the same poke bowls with the same ingredients for my family every week. I just have all these routines that keep me sane, which is pretty weird. I didn’t have routines before quarantine, but I’ve developed them and just stuck with it. I really like it.

Samantha: I feel like my classmates know everything about me, but I guess one thing I don’t really talk about is I really like playing video games. I don’t know, it kind of went from playing Call of Duty Mobile like all the time and then I kind of graduated from that and started playing PC games more, which is really fun. I guess that’s also how I try to distract myself from academics and stress and CPS in general.

Hannah: I don't know if this is unique, but I really love the idea of flying. That would be my chosen superpower automatically— it has been flying since forever. I was able to do a little bit of trapeze a little while ago, which was super fun, and I just love finding ways to imitate what I think flying would feel like. I think a lot of it has to do with adrenaline… sort of like moving quickly— like running down a super steep hill.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe your four years at College Prep?

Grayson: Unique.

Samantha: Ooh. That’s a tough one. I don’t know. I mean I would use the word stressful to be honest, but, I mean, it wasn’t all stress.

Hannah: I guess support is a word that I could use, because I feel like there's just been a lot of support for me at College Prep and throughout high school in general; I’ve really appreciated that.

Q: How would you describe your four years at College Prep and the people that you spent those four years with?

Grayson: I chose unique because I think I’ve had a very different experience at CPS than I would have had at another high school. Just being surrounded by passionate people, and people who have so much in common with me is an experience that I don't see in a lot of other places on the same scale as I see at CPS. I really like the overall environment that CPS provides. It's like a friendly space where you can enjoy being on the music lawn, and know that everyone kind of has a lot in common with you and the same desires, and the desire to help you.

Samantha: Hmm... people. I feel like they were very willing to help everyone. I think CPS is a very competitive environment, but in a sense, everyone’s trying to help everyone too.

Hannah: I think one thing that I've seen in myself throughout the past four years is that I've gained a lot more confidence. As a freshman, I was very timid, and I didn’t like being at the front of the room… I think I've gotten a lot better at that. So I think for myself I've gotten a lot more confident. Speaking to the people around me, I'm really grateful that I've had solid friends throughout high school who have been super supportive, and classmates and teachers always seem to be willing to help— so I've been lucky to find that support in a lot of places.


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