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Seniors of CPS: Adie G.

Interview conducted by Sofia R.

11:28 a.m: Adie and I find each other after assembly on Wednesday, holiday music playing in the background as we sit down on a bench in the courtyard. She’s looking through her Spotify Wrapped, and we talk about our uncertainty about Davis’ location, complain about our Wrappeds, and her love of NewJeans. I click record. Welcome Adie. The interview has begun.

Sofia: Okay, the first one, what's something you're passionate about?

Adie: I'm passionate about -why is this so much like college essays? (laughs) Um, I guess, I'd say education because learning is so important. Not just for me, but to teach other people because I work as a teacher as well. And like, it takes not just giving information like that's really important, but also spreading inspiration. Like especially, teaching the girls -I'm a science teacher. And I teach a lot of, like, young children, and watching them grow up reminds me a lot of myself. So like the young girls there, I really try to support them because like, when I was younger, I feel like because I want to do something STEM- women in STEM. I feel like it's really important to empower younger people because they might not have had that.

Sofia: Yeah, cool. Okay, what's one of your favorite songs? 

Adie: Okay. I'm not gonna say NewJeans. (laughs) I’m gonna do something else so I don't seem like I love NewJeans. I do though. Darn it.  All right. I really, let’s see. (pauses)

Sofia: Like, if you were to listen to a song today- it doesn't have to be in general.

Adie: In, okay, today, I would have listened to like, Hero by Mariah Carey. Because that is the best on like, positive affirmations - like to the max. But I guess like in general, it would be NewJeans like maybe like. (pauses) Uhhhhh. It’s so hard to pick! Either ETA. Or Ditto. Those two songs are so good. I love it. Yeah.

Sofia: Okay, what's one item on your bucket list? 

Adie: Okay, on my bucket list. I really want to go to a concert because in my whole life, I've never been to one.

Sofia: NewJeans concert?

Adie: Yeah. NewJeans concert. Laufey concert. I mean, that'd be so nice. I saw that there's like a mxmtoon concert coming up in San Francisco, so I really hope I can get tickets. 

Sofia: Yeah. That's a good one. So, how have you changed during your time at College Prep? 

Adie: I've changed a lot, I think. But I guess because we started during the pandemic, I had a lot of time to like, find myself and I just really like found myself I guess. And I feel like through these four years, I developed my style, and who I am, and stuff like that. 

Sofia: Okay, yeah. What's one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Adie: Oh, there's so many good memories. I think my favorite memory was like, because I'm a leader of AAA, was the potluck that we did. Just like seeing the entire community get involved, and like be interested. Like as I was serving to people, they were asking me about the holiday, which is like, I don't know, it warms my heart and it makes me want to share my culture even more. 


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