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Seniors of CPS: Avi P.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Avi P., senior — Interview conducted by Joseph Shelby

Monday, 3/6/23, 11:53: The light drizzle of rain accompanies me as I search for my next interviewee. A fantastic X-block of relaxation has just passed and I hear my name being called out from next to the English building under the library. I click record. “Welcome Avi.” The interview has begun…

Joseph: If you could choose only one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Avi: Hmm... This is a tough one. I feel like different places I go, I always try to listen to different things. Like Spanish class, I always try to listen to some sort of Latin song, like Pepas or something like that. I would say, overall, there’s this song called Golden Boy. It has some sentimental value to me from, like, Jewish summer camps and stuff like that. And it’s just a really hype song overall, so I’ll go with that one.

Joseph: Okay, question number two: What is something unique about you that your classmates might not know?

Avi: Well, I think there’s a couple of things that people wouldn't know, like that I play a lot of frisbee and stuff. But one weird thing is that I really like sports talk radio. So, every night before I go to bed, I listen to the radio. I’ve been doing that since I was probably like seven years old.

Joseph: Sports talk radio. Okay, what’s one night that you remember more than any other?

Avi: Oh, that’s a good question. Yeah, I think that when I was little, just like, the Giants playoff games. I just remember that my parents would make me go to bed, and then I would go and listen to games on the radio, so I would probably say those.

Joseph: Looking back at your experience at CPS, what is something you're never gonna forget? This could be an event, experience, or memory.

Avi: Um, I think that hopefully this upcoming Intraterm will be really exciting since I have a lot of friends that are in my group. Also, I think that the retreats definitely, and just friendships. I don’t know if there’s a specific class moment, but there’s a lot of the connections I’ve made outside of class that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Joseph: What are you looking forward to in the future—either this semester or in college?

Avi: I’m looking forward to traveling, just living alone, and exploring new things.

Joseph: Well, where do you want to travel?

Avi: Um... I want to go to Europe, South America, and basically anywhere. If I had an option to just take a plane to any place, I would just say yes because I just want to see more things and do some exploring. I kind of like getting lost and wandering around.

Joseph: So you just want to go anywhere that’s not here.

Avi: I really like it here and I can envision myself coming back here to live, but at this stage, I just want to explore.

Joseph: Where would you want to go the most?

Avi: I would say somewhere in Scandinavia, like Norway or somewhere like that.

Joseph: Here's the last question. If you could say thank you to one room at CPS, which one would it be?

Avi: I really like the Music Room. I don’t know if I would have continued playing saxophone if it wasn’t for Chiorini and the music program over here. It’s just really chill and accessible, so thank you Music Room. Yeah, I’ll stick with that.

Joseph: That’s pretty much the interview. Thanks for coming by!

Avi: No problem.


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