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Seniors of CPS: Baron B.

Interview conducted by William C.

Tuesday, the start of lunch. I catch Baron in the library. We chat about life as upperclassmen and what to expect in the rest of junior year before I turn on the recording.  

William: OK Baron, so what’s something you’re passionate about?

Baron: Something I’m passionate about, um, let’s make this interesting. Something not a lot of people know about me. I’m very passionate about reading and writing fantasy books. Yeah , I love to just read for fun. I listen to a lot of books on audible. I read a lot of them. I actually started writing a book of my own. I’ll have rewritten it three times by now. So yeah, that’s something I’m passionate about. 

William: Who would be your favorite fantasy author?

Baron: My favorite fantasy author. Okay, I think more recently, my main favorite fantasy author would probably be Matt Dinniman. Yes. I think that’s how you pronounce it. And he writes this series called Dungeon Crawler Carl, which, I mean, you can check it out if you’re interested in that. I love it. So that’s been my favorite series and my favorite author recently.

William: That’s really cool! Thank you for telling us. And what's one of your favorite songs?

Baron: One of my favorite songs, something controversial. I think maybe, like maybe “Might Not” by the Weeknd. I don’t think I’d have like one favorite, but if I had to give one, I think it would be that. 

William: And what would your walkup song be?

Baron: Probably like “Helen Back.” I forget who it’s by. But it’s one of those songs you see on football highlights all the time. I just remember that so probably, probably that.

William: Interesting! And what’s one item on your bucket list!

Baron: Shoot, one item on my bucket list. Maybe I think I want to go and see a Man United game in person. Yeah, I’m a big soccer player. And then United’s my favorite team, which might get some boos from some people, but I’d love to see them in person, like some time in my life. 

William: Do you have a favorite player?

Baron: No, not one favorite player. I don’t think I can give anyone. 

William: Okay, now how have you changed during your time at College Prep? 

Baron: How have I changed? Okay. I think this might be like applicable to a lot of people but I feel like just timewise and time management wise I feel like I’ve learned sometimes the hard way just how to like juggle everything from like schoolwork to club soccer to school soccer. Yeah, it wasn’t easy starting freshman year online, but I think like if that was the uh, if I were to name the biggest thing that’s changed about me, that would be it. 

William: Thank you so much for your insight! Alright, our final question is what’s one of your favorite CPS memories?

Baron: My favorite CPS memory. Okay, so it’s probably going to be related to the soccer team of last year. Just in general, that whole season was like, like, was an awesome experience and something like I look back and I like smile, I guess. But if I were to pick one experience, or one moment in time of that season, it would be when I scored against Athenian on senior night. It was the one goal that game and it came like towards the end of the game, and it was this. It was senior night, of course. So you just want to win and I feel like just like the excitement in the relief after coming after scoring that goal was just amazing. And also like there’s a whole bunch of fans there. So that like, yeah that’s amazing. 

William: Great, thank you so much for your time!


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