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Seniors of CPS: Hargo B.

Interview conducted by William C.

It’s the end of a long Friday afternoon. I encounter Hargobind by the library and we sit by the Student Commons. 

William: Alright, our first question is what’s something you’re passionate about?

Hargobind: Um, you know, I think there's two big things I'd say. First off, basketball. I love to play basketball. And then I guess in terms of like, an academic interest and where academic interest, social justice related work about the criminal justice system, the criminal justice reform.

William: Did you find those passions when you were young?

Hargobind: Basketball was from an early age, criminal justice reform is something that I started learning about more towards the end of middle school.

William: That’s interesting! Our next question is what's one of your favorite songs?

Hargobind: One of my favorite songs right now is called “Clouded” by French Fries.

William: Oh, which genre is that?

Hargobind: Which genre? R&B. 

William: Cool!  And what’s one item on your bucket list!

Hargobind: Bucket List, to become a lawyer.

William: What field are you most interested in?

Hargobind: I mean, I haven't really narrowed it down to one. But I think that some type of criminal law.

William:Where’d you like to work?

Hargobind: So I grew up in New York City. So New York City is my favorite place to be so that’s it. 

William: Alright, our final question is how have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Hargobind: Like two big things. I think I've become more open ended well, my post from being around a diverse set of people. And then I've also grown a lot like academically in terms of like my interests and my love for learning. 

William: And finally, what was one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Hargobind: I think one of my favorite college cup memories, it's not like a specific memory itself, but um, it's the van rides during basketball to and from games are my favorite, favorite way to bonding with your team and your classmates.

William: Alright Hargobind, thank you for the interview!

Hargobind: Thank you!


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