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Seniors of CPS: Mari G.

Interview conducted by Samana Siddiqui

Tuesday, Nov 28th. The day is sunny but there’s a cool breeze and the air is crisp. I find Mari sitting on a bench in the courtyard with a friend. She quickly reminds me about a soccer dressup. Sheepishly, I admit that I forgot, but she pulls a blue Minamino jersey from her bag and hands it to me. We head down to the gym deck and sit at a table in the sun. The interview has begun.

Samana: Hi, welcome. 

Mari: Thank you.

Samana: First question, what's something that you're passionate about? 

Mari: I'm passionate about soccer I guess. I got injured but I feel like it's still something that I do a lot, like I play fantasy with my dad and my brother and a bunch of family friends for FPL. And then I'm also just always watching the games, so that's something fun that I can still do. 

Samana: What's one of your favorite songs? 

Mari: Okay, so I've been thinking about this, and I feel like there's too many. Kate and my favorite song to listen to is- we really liked “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” by Future. But then also I've been trying to listen to less rap, because it's kind of intense sometimes. And so I've been listening to like this Irish woman named Cornelia Murr, and she's been good recently. 

Samana: What's one item on your bucket list? 

Mari: I've always wanted to see- Do you know Petra, it's one of the seven wonders of the world?

Samana: Oh, yeah!

Mari: Yeah, it's in Jordan, and I watched Indiana Jones and then I thought it was cool. So I think I'd want to see that okay. 

Samana: Okay, and are there any bucket list items that you've finished through the course of high school?

Mari: Finished? When we were in Morocco we went to the desert and that was something that I didn't think I would do, and Marrakech was really cool as well. So I think just going there in general, that was like the most different trip that I've been on, probably. 

Samana: Okay. And how have you changed during your time at CPS? 

Mari: I think I'm just louder. 

Samana: (laughs)

Mari: I don’t know if that makes sense. I just think I'm less shy than I used to be. I feel like I didn't talk that much, but now, I talk a lot. 

Samana: Alright, and what's one of your favorite CPS memories? Or several if you can’t choose. 

Mari: Being on the soccer team has been really fun. The retreats have been fun and just hanging out with friends in general, but I don't think I have like a specific memory that's my favorite. 

Samana: Alright. Okay, that's it. Thank you!

Mari: Thank you.


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