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Seniors of CPS: Thibaud R., Camille C., Sivan F., Sarah J., Ryan H., Jasmine B., Talia L.

(From left to right, top row to bottom) Thibaud Risz, Camille Cypher, Sivan Faruqui, Sarah Jonath, Ryan Halloran, Jasmine Brown, Talia Levi (Seniors) - Interviews Conducted by Phoebe Shin, Rina Huang, Nora Wagner, Araddhya Tibrewall

This week, your Humans of CPS Team interviewed seven lovely seniors— Thibaud, Camille, Sivan, Sarah, Ryan H, Jasmine, Talia L for our fourteenth week of Seniors of CPS interviews. These interviews were conducted on different days throughout the week, as some finished up AP exams and seniors (not-so-secretly) adventured out to the beach, but they all held the same purpose: to share fun facts about our seniors and memories from their past four years at College Prep. We hope you enjoy!

Q: What is something unique about you/a fun fact that your classmates might not know?

Thibaud: Wait, [expletive], I should've looked at this. Uh, I don't know what to say. [Expletive], this is actually frustrating. Well, I’m on Spirit, so I’m part of Student Council. It’s a really like, active part of my life and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Camille: I mean, I feel like I overshare a lot, so there's not a lot that I think—that I think my fellow classmates don't know about me. But um, I used to have a lot of weird obsessions—I was really into the Rubix cube and magic and stuff. Yeah, I don't know, I had a good time with that. Ever thought about joining Cubing Club? Not necessarily, because I think they're too good for me, but sometimes I see them and it makes me want to pick up my cube again. *laughs* That phase was really long ago! I’ve exited my magic phase.

Sivan: I don't know—I feel like I'm pretty open. People didn't know I sang for a while, but now I think that everyone knows.

Sarah: See this is the one I should’ve thought about in advance…I talk so much, I feel like everyone knows so much about me. *laughs* I play sports, I play video games, I play piano, I learned drums and guitar…these are all general things I talk about. Let’s come back to it!

(later) What is something that people don’t know about me? I guess you wouldn’t know, that’s kind of the point…I speak French?? Maybe not everyone knows that, but yeah, I speak fluent French. Maybe more people know this since my sister and I used to shout French at each other at school, which was so incredibly obnoxious—we knew we were being annoying, but we kinda wanted to be annoying, which was kind of the point. *laughs* Let’s see…(Celia walks by) Celia and I are math partners! I also really want to learn ASL—I love learning languages, but I haven’t learned a new language recently, and I think that would be really cool!

Ryan: I feel like a surprising about of people don’t know that I play soccer, and I think it’s partially because our field is so far away and barely anyone goes to our games *laughs* but it’s been a really big part of my CPS experience and I enjoy it a lot.

Jasmine: Okay, a fun fact is—I feel like this isn’t exactly about me—my older sister went to Redwood Day, and Zendaya went there, and my sister was actually in the same class as her and used to carpool with her. And so one day, Zendaya visited our school, and I went up to her and was like “hey, I’m Bri’s sister,” and she recognized me. She remembered me. So yeah, it’s kind of a fun fact about me, but also one about my sister.

Talia: So when I was in elementary school, I played electric guitar, and I don’t play any musical instruments now, so I don’t think a lot of people know that, but that’s definitely something I want to get back into—both electric and acoustic guitar.

Q: Looking back at your experience at CPS, what is something you will never forget?

Thibaud: I really liked freshman year, generally. Everyone was getting to know each other—I think everyone was really open to getting to know each other, and it was kind of just an inclusive time. Everyone was really nice, and I really liked the dance show freshman year too!

Camille: I think one of the best experiences has definitely been in the drama community because I think it really brings together all these people from across different parts of CPS and it--you just have the most fun. I mean obviously, Mamma Mia—getting to sing ABBA constantly made me the most joyous person in the world for every moment. But also just like, being around such good people who are all there, and who all want to have fun, and who wanna sing musical songs with you or analyze Frankenstein is pretty cool.

Sivan: Um, I don't know. I think this is probably kind of cliché, but like the friends I made—specifically playing sports. I don't think I had that experience in middle school. CPS doesn't have a big sports—like it isn't the stereotype of CPS students—but the friends I've made playing sports are the friends that I've had for four years, and that's probably been the best part of CPS for me.

Sarah: I really loved coming back to school this year and last year. I think fall Spirit Week was also awesome—obviously being on Spirit meant there was a lot of work, but it was also fun to be in that leadership position as well. But yeah, I think we all felt really disconnected during the pandemic, but then coming back and feeling all of those bonds connect again was really special.

Ryan: I’ve always really liked CPS van rides. Like to sports games/practices, to Partners, field trips—all of those are really fun, especially because you’re usually with people you don’t know that well, so you really get to learn more about people and build connections with them. I think it’s kind of a vital CPS experience.

Jasmine: One memory is definitely beating Headroyce at BCL, and I just loved rewatching the video of that moment as well. I remember I was so exhausted, and we all kind of fell on the floor, on top of each other, and that was so cute. I also feel like I remember all the little things from CPS—I love Spirit Week, being with all my friends…I also really like remembering school dances. Before we go to one I’m always like, ugh, this is stupid, it’s just a dance, but we always get so hyped up, espeically our grade—like our grade is always so excited for those events and we love to dance. I also really liked last year’s prom; I know not that many people in our grade got to go, but I did, and that was really fun.

Talia: I think—even though everybody has said this so much already—sophomore retreat. I think that was just my favorite memory from all four years of CPS; just getting grouped into a raft with a group of people that I didn’t know very well, which was so much fun, and also a great way to meet new people, but also having time with the people that I’m close with, like on the bus back. I remember everyone was just singing out loud, singing Taylor Swift and One Direction, and it was so much fun.

Q: What is one word you would use to describe your four years at College Prep?

Thibaud: I would definitely say rollercoaster. I know, I've been asked to not say this, so I'm just going to say it out of spite. I don’t know, you know, ups and downs, but generally, it’s been a really good time—I’ve enjoyed it.

Camille: I was actually thinking about this! *laughs* It’s going to sound the most—the most “thing” ever. But I don't know, I would have to say serendipity. Yes, I knew there would be some pushback! I feel like, okay. I feel like there were definitely a lot of troubles along the way and a lot of hurdles and stuff, but maybe I'm currently in a place right now where everything feels like it’s falling into place. With all the background of things that have been good and bad, in its current place I feel like it's serendipitous.

Sivan: Uh, turbulent, I guess. I don't know, I feel like a lot has happened, and if I like, looked at myself freshman year, I feel like I wouldn't even recognize myself. I feel like there have been a lot of ups and downs—I think academics kind of screw you over, but also I've had a lot of really great experiences with my friends, so yeah, turbulent.

Sarah: This is unoriginal, but I think I’m going to say unexpected. I guess, like, especially having an older sibling who went to this school, I definitely had a certain view of how this would go, or like, how my friendships or classes would go. And obviously, the pandemic threw all of that all off, but yeah, I think I went in a lot of places that I wouldn’t have anticipated for myself, but I think it all worked out in the end!

Ryan: Unexpected. I’ll just leave it at unexpected.

Jasmine: I’d say like…perseverance? Because I feel like that can apply to our classes and stuff, but I also think there were moments that weren’t even academic, like maybe with friends, that I feel like we all got through together and grew, through conversations. So I think perseverance can apply to a lot of things here—just getting through it, you know?

Talia: I would say fulfilling, because of all the friendships that I’ve made, and all the people that I’ve met and learned from, and all the classes and teachers I’ve learned from—it’s been a really good experience overall.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Thibaud: I really like how CPS pushes us, but at the same time it is kind of a cushion-y school, so I'm really kind of excited to gain my independence, develop a sense of responsibility, and you know, just like, grow as a person.

Camille: I feel like I've always been someone academically who’s been very much like a generalist. I mean, I've always really really loved sciences and also histories, and social sciences as well, and art, and what have you. I think College Prep gives you great ability to do all the things you want to do academically, and I think it's also really developed a lot of my academic interests, and I'm really excited to kind of, go to a school where I can really further those academic interests in my major and also have a background in the core, or just in all the different subjects that I love. So, I'm excited to get more narrow, but also to still be grounded in all the things I love. That was the vaguest answer I've ever given. You know what—fine, fine. I'm also excited to do theater in college—there!

Sivan: I don't know. I'm kind of scared to go to college because I don't trust myself to make friends, but I guess something that I hope will happen is that I make friends as good as I have at CPS.

Sarah: I’m really excited for the next three or so months, and especially all the end-of-year events, like the faculty lunch, and graduation, senior retreat—getting to do one of those sleepover-type experiences with the grade one last time will be really fun. And then summer—I’m kind of late on the planning *laughs*— I think there will be a lot of cool stuff, and I’m trying to get a trip together, I’m working at my favorite summer camp, and yeah! I think it’ll be really nice.

Ryan: Yeah I’d say I’m looking forward to all the cumulative end-of-year events, including prom, and then the whole march to graduation stuff— it’s exciting but it’s also a little sad because I know that I’m graduating soon and I won’t see a lot of these people, at least for a while. But it also feels good to almost be done.

Jasmine: I’m really looking forward to college, especially because it’s going to be my first time outside of my home, and getting out of the Bay Area, really, because my family never really traveled that much. So I’m excited to go to the East Coast and be with a whole new group of people, and just find the things that I’m interested in and what I like. I’m also really excited to see where everyone else does. Like, I think everyone’s going to do really impressive things.

Talia: I’m definitely excited for graduation, and summer, but farther in the future, I’m excited to see where everyone ends up in life. And for college, I’m excited for more opportunities and more classes!

Q: If you could say one thing to your grade as you begin to close out your CPS journey, what would it be?

Thibaud: Thank you, and like, I love you guys. I really like every single person at this school. And yeah, just like, I really appreciate you, and everyone kind of gave it their all, and it's been a really great experience for me.

Camille: I don't know, it’s been a great time guys. I've really loved getting to know all of these people, and all the different little niche groups of CPS I've been a part of, and seeing people bring all of their passions to what they love really—I don't know. You guys have really shaped me and helped me become a better person, so thank you.

Sivan: I don't know, um, good luck.

Sarah: I’d say thank you. Thank you for an awesome four years—I think I can genuinely say that I’ve gotten to know everyone in our grade in some meaningful way, whether that be through a close friendship, or having like four classes together one year, or whatever that is, but it’s great to always have someone I can chat with, or know that I’m friends with everyone in our grade; I think that’s really awesome. So yeah, thank you for fostering that sort of community and being cool.

Ryan: Good luck. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going to happen in the future, and I wish everyone the best in whatever endeavors they choose.

Jasmine: I’d say…I think that you are all so amazing, and especially during these last few months I don’t even think I can even count the amount of times I’ve been on the verge of tears, or in tears, because of how much I’m going to miss everybody. It’s just like, everybody that I see, I wish I had gotten to know them more, even if I already know them so well, and I think especially just our grade—we’re all so special and we really like each other, and it’s just been a really amazing experience.

Talia: I would say thank you for all that you’ve taught me, and all the times that you guys made me laugh and smile because our grade is such a nice group of people and I’m so glad to have met everyone.


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