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  • Sarah Hernandez

The Politics of Protest: a Senior Seminar

Dr. Jay is teaching her favorite courses, Politics of Protest, for the first time in five years at College Prep. The course explores different social movement theories and how they work in modern protest movements.

Over the course of the semester, we will be conducting a project exploring a social movement of our choosing. Each week, a pair of students writes a blog post about their social movement, responding to a question posed by Dr. Jay.

We have written three blog posts so far; one exploring Francesca Polletta’s theory of “narratives” and how forming a narrative helps social movements expand and thrive. Another asks the question, who joins social movements and why? Finally, the third post explores grievances, and framing grievances in a way that helps the movement draw in supporters.

If you are interested in reading any of these blog posts, check out the links below!


Trans Rights

Living Wage

Anti-Death Penalty


Prison Reform

Reproductive Rights

Black Lives Matter

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