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The Radar Recap

By Irene M. '26

Featuring summaries of the biggest news, hand-picked articles to get you up to date, and the editor’s personal picks, the Radar Recap provides a breakdown on what’s been happening in the world. Here’s a rundown on what’s happened over the last few weeks:

The Headlines

The Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt opened for dual nationals and injured civilians, and aid has entered Palestine for the first time during the conflict. Fighting between Israel and Hamas has continued, with airstrikes and on-the-ground fighting decimating cities and towns in Palestine, leading President Biden to argue for breaks in fighting to supply aid.

Lawsuits against Donald Trump have populated the media circuit for months. This week, two new ones began, both arguing that Trump cannot run in the upcoming 2024 presidential election because his role in the January 6th riots violated section 3 of the 14th amendment: a person who holds an office in the United States, such as the president, cannot engage in insurrection or rebellion.

Sam Bankman-Fried, disgraced crypto giant of FTX, was found guilty on all of the seven charges against him, including fraud and conspiracy. His sentencing is set for March of next year, but what led to the collapse of his empire?

After weeks of infighting and lack of consensus, Mike Johnson (R-LA) was elected Speaker of the House, the only candidate after several rounds of voting able to clinch a majority. The fruitless nominations all came as a result of the deeply divided Republicans in the House of Representatives, and yet still shows the control the party holds. This power was recently exemplified by the bill for Israel aid that left out Ukraine and other funding.

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