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The Serenity of Bow Lake: Olin X. '27

Sophie D.

The Picture

This photo pairs a satisfying composition with beautiful scenery. Reflections on still water create symmetry down the center; the bridge in the bottom left grounds the photo, while the mountains in the top right provide visual weight in that area, balancing the image. The coloring is also symmetrical, with the light blues, grays, and yellows of the sky mirrored in the water, and the beige and brown tones of the bridge and mountains complimenting each other.

The picture was taken during Olin’s summer vacation, specifically at Bow Lake in Alberta, Canada. He was with his family (the picture was taken on his grandmother’s phone!), and the calm, peaceful setting prompted him to capture it. He chose a landscape over a portrait format because it allowed him to include the vastness of the scene; the tall, distant mountains in the background, compared to the thin stretch of sand and wooden bridge in the front, closer to the viewer. If he had the option, he might change the relatively sharp forms and reflections of the plants at the bottom, as they stick out in an otherwise smooth, flat landscape.

About the Artist

Although Olin enjoys photography in his free time, he isn't currently taking it at College Prep (maybe next semester or during Sophomore year!). He began to appreciate photography because of his middle school art teacher, and he learned the basics from an introductory class in Eighth grade. He likes to capture nature, and this photo is an example of that. He found his trip to Canada particularly inspiring. Thanks, Olin!


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