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Last year, millions of people took to the streets for the 2017 Women’s March, with many protests aimed at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and all of them advocating for human rights. This weekend, impassioned citizens gathered for an encore: the 2018 Women’s March. Protesters called for immigration rights, intersectional feminism, and Power to the Polls, among other causes. I thought it would be interesting to hear the perspectives of those who joined the march in various U.S. cities. To preserve the authenticity of the responses, I’ve left them unedited in their original formats, over various types of social media. Below are everyone’s answers to the following questions:

  1. What was your experience like overall? What was it like and how did you feel?

  2. What was the best thing you saw?

  3. What’s one thing you want to say to the people that impede women’s empowerment?

Priya (San Francisco, California)

Analisa (Saint Joseph, Michigan)

Iola (New York, New York)

Charlotte (Oakland, California)

Tiffany (Washington DC)

Sonia (Walnut Creek, California)

Clara (Nashville, Tennessee)

Micalyn (Oakland, California)

Suzy (Chicago, Illinois)

Katy (San Francisco, California)

Jady (Boston, Massachusetts)

Emma (Oakland, California)

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