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Actors of CPS: A Midsummer Night's Dream

In honor of the hard work of the Midsummer cast, this week we introduce to you a new edition, the first of its kind, the Actors of CPS. Below are character interviews, recorded backstage or in the dressing room. If you attended the play, you’ll enjoy these so so much. Don’t forget to congratulate an actor. (Also, these are the PG ones, so if you want more fun and fling, look to the CPS Drama Instagrams: @cps.drama.fam and @cpsdramatech)

Compilers: Alexis and Araddhya

Featuring: Nina, Gigi, Rafael, Roven, Gabriel, Ellie, Mason, Sawan, Alexis

Video 1

When the changeling boy must decide who the better parent is……Oberon or Titania?

Video 2

When Helena expresses her intense admiration (not jealousy, mind you) for Hermia…

Video 3

When couples blend and loyalties change…..then they drag each other through the forest.

Video 4

Bottom fantasizes about being with Titania—rather unfairly I think. How could a mere mortal dream of someone so out of his league?...


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