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Humans of CPS: Pyrenees V.

Pyrenees V., Senior (ft. Mason B., Noah B., and Mrs. Fernandez) — Interview Conducted by Angela Wang

11:45 (Advising): It is Thursday, November 17. The members of Leah Fernandez’s and Jason Chang’s advisory group lay around on the Partners sofa, scrolling through their phones. I click record. No one looks up. The interview begins

Angela: Hello, Pyrenees!

Pyrenees: *tired* Hi…

Angela: All right, is there one object that you always carry with you?

Pyrenees: Uhhhh, well, now it's a hot water bottle because I’m freezing to death here, but it's also my backpack, if that counts. *wheezes with laughter*

Angela: That's a terrible answer.

Pyrenees: *laughs* Well, I don’t know what you want me to say! I always carry my backpack, and it’s very important to me. It has my sketchbook, my workbooks, all my work for all my classes, my technological devices, their chargers, my wallet, all the things are in my backpack.

Angela: Mhmm.

Pyrenees: And that's why it's important. *laughs*

Angela: All right. Moving on. What's your favorite CPS memory?

Pyrenees: My favorite CPS memory? The last day of school. *evil laughs* The last day of school carnival every year because—

Noah: We have a carnival?

Mason: What?

Pyrenees: The thing where it’s like a—

Noah: Am I dumb or something?

Angela: Yes.

Mason: *laughs*

Pyrenees: —And the school year thing that we had last year, that's supposed to happen every year.

Noah: That was a rhetorical question.

Angela: *laughs* Didn’t seem like a rhetorical question.

Pyrenees: It's like a carnival. They call it a carnival, but it's more like—It's like, it has a popcorn booth and cotton candy and an ice machine and the bouncy castles and stuff.

Mason: Oh! We did it after school—after finals?

Angela: And they had bouncy houses, no?

Pyrenees: Yeah, I like those. And then, at the end of the year, they have a dunk tank with the teachers!

Mrs. Fernandez: Oh yeah!

Pyrenees: It's amazing.

Mrs. Fernandez: Mr. Gregor went in that.

Angela: Nazarian?

Mason: Wait, did he leave?

Angela: *laughs* What do you mean?! Oh my god, 5 steps behind, Mason.

Pyrenees: D Song makes us say hi to him every now and then; it's really funny.

Mrs. Fernandez: Uh, live?

Pyrenees: No, he, like, takes a video of everyone saying hi to Gregor.

Angela: Are they close?

Pyrenees: Yeah, they’re close. They're pretty close. They're, like, basically joined at-the-hip besties. They're married, Angela.

Noah: Who’s married?

Mason: Gregor and…

Noah: His wife?

Pyrenees: *sarcastically* Yes, Gregor is married to his wife.

*hysterical laughter in the room*

Noah: Who else could it be?!

Pyrenees: No, no, he’s married to D Song because, obviously.

Angela: Because obviously. Alright, what's your favorite place in the world?

Pyrenees: My favorite place in the world? My bed when I'm sleeping. And my bed when I'm awake. And just my bed, and then no one bothers me if I fake sleep, too.

Angela: Alright, Mason, what's your favorite place in the world?

Mason: Home.

Angela: That’s a boring answer. Noah, what's your favorite place in the world?

Noah: Um, I like Israel.

Angela: Why?

Mason: Because it’s home.

Noah: *laughs* yeah. Actually, I really like Yosemite, because I feel like whenever I go there, I just feel like very connected to the nature, you know?

Angela: So, is Israel like Yosemite?

Noah: And home.

Mason: *chuckles*

Angela: Uh huh. What's, um, what's an embarrassing or funny moment that's happened to you on Zoom?

Pyrenees: Uhhhhh, one time I fell asleep, but the teacher didn't know I fell asleep. So when I woke up, I just said that my signal was bad. *laughs* I didn't mean to fall asleep. But I realized I was asleep, and I'm like, I need to act like my signal is bad. And then Johanna was like, Yeah, Pyrenees, I think your signal went out, and I was like, yeah, it probably did.

Angela: *laughs* Alright, you two, what's an embarrassing moment that’s happened on Zoom?

Mason: I fell asleep during physics first period, and everyone left at the end of the class.

Noah: Woahhh!

Angela: *laughs* Oh no!

Mason: And then Tetler had to be like Mason, Mason? until I woke up.

Angela: Oh man, that's really awkward. Yeah, I feel like there's a theme here with sleeping on Zoom. Ok, have any teachers—

Noah: Ay, what about me?

Angela: Oh, sorry, I didn’t know if you wanted to answer.

Noah: Um, I can’t think of one. Oh, no. I actually can't think of one, sorry.

Angela: All right. Um, what is—what has any teacher done that has left a profound impact on you?

Pyrenees: That one time Leah walked up to—Okay, okay. Okay. Here's the story. So I was walking, and it was a hot day. So I had my hair in a ponytail. And then Leah walks up to me, and then says, “Pyrenees, your hair looks so cute! Can I bite your ponytail?” *laughs* And then I was just like yeah, sure you can, and then SHE DID!

*hysterical laughter*

Mrs. Fernandez: Oh my God….

Angela: Really?! *looks at Mrs. Fernandez* You actually did?

Pyrenees: *choking on laughter* Yeah! It was so funny! It was so funny! *laughs* It's the fact that you barely remembered it until now. She did ask, and it was so funny!

Angela: Ok. Um….

Pyrenees: *laughing* Classic!

Angela: What is something you want to be when you grow up?

Noah: *in a side conversation* I’m not photogenic.

Pyrenees: Alive. *cackles*

Angela: Alright, that's the end of the interview. We’re done.


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