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Seniors of CPS: Adele B.

Interview conducted by Sofia R.

1:20 p.m: It’s the Thursday of spirit week, and I meet Adele, definitely dressed as a corporate Barbie per the day’s dress-up, in the courtyard. The seniors prepare for Friday in all red by stringing streamers and hanging lanterns all over the courtyard to show their enthusiasm; beating out all the other grades in red supremacy through four years of experience. After she retrieves her phone we head up near the Scott building to get away from the noise. I click record. Welcome Adele. The interview has begun.

Sofia: What is something you're passionate about?

Adele: I'm passionate about the tennis team. Does it have to be at CPS or anything?

Sofia: Anything!

Adele: Okay, well, yes, I'll still go with tennis. I've been playing since freshman year. I played a little bit when I was younger, but I've been playing a little bit more seriously since freshman year, and it's been really fun. I play doubles with Leah who’s a junior, and yeah.

Sofia: How's the season been going so far?

Adele: It's been actually going really well. We have a pretty good team this year and we've been playing some really hard matches out of league. Like, we played O'Dowd and Berkeley High and Piedmont and all those kinds of schools, and we've been doing well so it's been fun.

Sofia: Nice! What's one of your favorite songs?

Adele: Oh, that's really hard. (pause) Okay, I kind of have a strange music taste, but I'll go with my first ever concert was a Lauv concert, like last year. And so, I like Lauv's songs. A lot of people don't know his songs except for like two of them but I think he has really good music. I also just went to an Ed Sheeran concert so I have Ed Sheeran song still stuck in my head. I don't really have like, a specific single song right now that's my favorite though.

Sofia: Okay, what's one item on your bucket list?

Adele: I think probably just like traveling to certain places. Right now, the number one place I want to travel to is Japan for some reason. It's just like, I don't know, it sounds really cool there. Before it was Peru, but I went two summers ago and it was the most amazing trip ever. So yeah, I'd say travel to Japan, which is like, kind of obscure.

Sofia: Is there anything you want to do in Japan?

Adele: Eat sushi? I don't know. (laughs) I really like Japanese food, so eat the food there. And I'm just like, I don't know. I haven’t been to very many parts of Asia. I've been to Nepal. But that's basically it.

Sofia: Cool! How have you changed during your time at College Prep?

Adele: How have I changed during my time at College Prep. (pauses) I think one of the biggest changes that I've seen is I'm no longer a perfectionist to the point where I can only enjoy something if I'm good at it. I think that was kind of a switch like halfway through high school where I realized that like my favorite class didn't have to be my best class, and like my least favorite class didn't have to be my like, worst grade or like so-and-so worst class. I don't know. I think that's like an important lesson that I've learned. And kind of one of the biggest ways I’ve changed, but I don't know.

Sofia: Yeah, awesome. Okay, last but not least, what's one of your favorite College Prep memories?

Adele: College Prep memories. These are hard questions! (laughs) Oh my god. One favorite College Prep memory?

Sofia: It can be anything.

Adele: Like a favorite, not my favorite, because I can't think of my absolute favorite one.

Sofia: You can pick two if you want!

Adele: Okay, I'm gonna go with sophomore retreat - rafting. Is that the rafting one or is that junior retreat?

Sofia: I think that’s sophomore retreat.

Adele: Junior retreat was not fun. (laughs) Sophomore retreat, where we did the rafting experience, that was really really fun. And also, the people in my boat were not people that I was necessarily friends with. But it was still really fun. And I feel like in some ways that made it not like more enjoyable, but it meant more because I didn't know them very well so it was still very much a bonding experience. And actually I said junior retreat was not that fun, but we had that little compliment circle where we all went in a circle and for a really long time talked for one minute per person and our entire grade. We talked to them and gave them a compliment and stuff and it was really really sweet. And even people that I didn't know super well were saying very thoughtful things. And I don't know, it was a cool moment. I don't know what was necessarily my favorite but some of my favorites.


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